Why Witches Hate Humans

Iyami Osoronga, Goddess Of Witches, Witch, Witchcraft, Coven, Wicca, Wiccan, Familiar Spirit


Iyami Osoronga “Goddess of Witches” had only one child while her sister “Ogbori” a human being had ten children.

One day, her sister “Ogbori” was going to the only market available at that time and she instructed “Iyami Osoronga” her sister to take good care of her children before she returns back from the market.

Iyami Osoronga took good care of her sister ten children and nothing bad happened to her sister ten children.

It was now the turn of Iyami Osoronga to go to the market which she did and she instructed “Ogbori” her sister to take good care of her only child.

At her absence, Ogbori ten children were hungry and they wanted to eat bird meat. They told “Ogbori” their mom that they wanted to eat bird meat.

So Ogbori went to the bush to hunt for bird. Quickly, the ten children of Ogbori killed Iyami Osoronga only child, roasted his meat and ate him.

As Ogbori children were killing Iyami Osoronga only child “son”, Iyami Osoronga supernatural powers gave her a sign that something was wrong with her only child at home.

She abandoned what she was buying at the market and went home immediately. Only to see her only child “son” been eaten by Ogbori children.

She cried bitterly, she became extremely angry, she packed all her belongings and headed to the forest to meet with her brother “The Great Iroko Tree”.

When the Great Iroko Tree heard his sister crying bitterly, he invited her in and asked her what was the matter?

She narrated her bitter story and Iroko calmed her and told her that from that day onward they are going to feed on the children of Ogbori.

That was how witches had been feeding on humans till this very day.

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