Witches Covenant With Orunmila

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Certain women once went to “Eshu” to ask for the power of witchcraft. Eshu was willing to give it to them but he had to refer them to Orunmila.

Orunmila would not allow them to go out into the world with the power of witchcraft until they promised to honor certain signs and materials to serve men as protections against their power.

They agreed to this but it was necessary for them to go on to Olorun to make their agreement binding.

This transaction is mentioned in certain ancient Ifa verses of unknown origin which are used in divination.


“ldi ogbungbun, aworo niye”

They went to Alara’s house and kill him

They went to Ajero’s house and kill him

They went to Orangun’s house and kill him

You pluck the Okro of Ejiwo

You eat the Camwood of Ailoran

You kill the stammering water of Owu

When Eshu came, you left for a place in the sky and it received you not

Then you went to Orunmila and when you got there

You greeted him and he asked you where you were going

Then you said you were going into the world to be killing people and to be debarring their progress

It is a forbidden act to eat soap

Then Orunmila said that he would not allow the gates to be opened unto you

Unless you go to the Almighty God

When you got there

You explain yourselves to Him

Then almighty God said:

“Spittle once out of the mouth

Will not come back to the mouth again

The grass that the elephants tread will never rise again

Therefore you must not change your agreement

And anybody with this sign on should be honoured’.”

NOTE: Recite The Above Incantation Whenever You Are Confronted By Witches!

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