Third Eye: How To Open Your Third Eye Through Darkness

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Through darkness comes light

The elders of the night are older than the elders of the day

Àború Aboye, Ogbó Ató, Àsúre Ìwòrì Wòfún

Today I will be teaching you “Third Eye: How To Open Your Third Eye Through Darkness”

Third eye also known as psychic eye, prophetic eye, spiritual eye, clairvoyance… is located between your two eye brow.

The third eye is very popular because of it benefits and advantages. So I will be using third eye or spiritual eye interchangeably within this post.

Every human has third eye unlike some esoteric school of thoughts that teaches that only few humans has it. We are souls in a human body and third eye is the eye of the soul.

Those of us that have successfully opened our third eye have enjoyed it usefulness and endless benefits.

I was did FREE FACE DIVINATION on the internet were I told random strangers about their future. It would have not been possible if my third eye were not opened.

Third eye activation is a must have for every successful occultist, diviner, spiritualist…. You cant operate in spirit world if you are spiritually blind. You will not be able to see witches, ogbanjes, bad spirits, good spirits, Orisas (Gods / Goddesses)….


There are lots of dangers in opening the third eye. If forcefully opened can lead to insanity because it is located in the brain. You don’t want to tamper with your brain, do you?

Third eye like every other occult power can be abused in different ways by malicious practitioner. Imagine a malicious person whose third eye has been fully opened; walks up to a random rich stranger, calls the stranger by his or her full names, reveals the rich strangers secrets problems and demand huge amount of money to solve the rich stranger problems and threatens the rich stranger with death if his or her problem is not solved. In some cases sex is demanded from the rich stranger. This is why self discipline is a must have for every occult practitioner.

  1. See future events
  2. See past events
  3. See present events
  4. See through walls
  5. See into universes
  6. See the thoughts of others
  7. See the underwear’s of people
  8. See phone numbers of people
  9. See addresses of people
  10. See spirit entities

There are several methods to open the third eye, some methods are dangerous while others are safe. Some methods are slow while others are faster.

I am going to teach you one very powerful method of opening your third eye that I was taught personally by my late Babalawo who has joined his ancestors. And his method was taught to him by his predecessors, the chains goes up in my priesthood. You must have self discipline for this method to work for you.


We are souls in the human body. Religion, ethnicity, race, country, gender… has made us (souls) to forget who we are but those who have attained enlightenment knows who they are: “SOULS IN A HUMAN BODY”

For you to open or activate your third eye to enjoy it endless benefits; you must detach yourself completely from your body. Without darkness, you will not go far as a diviner, occultist, spiritualist, prophet….

This is a simple but very powerful method of darkness that if you follow this method, your third eye will be fully opened within few days just like mine.

  1. TOTAL DARKNESS: Get a room that has toilet, bathroom and kitchen. Use thick blankets to cover all the windows of the room, toilet, bathroom and kitchen to prevent sun ray and moonlight so that it will be total darkness.
  2. NO ELECTRONICS: You will switch off all electronics like world clocks, televisions, phones, computers… during these period.
  3. INITIATION: Shave the hair from your head completely at 12 midnight with a razor blade and burn your hair inside a native pot same time.
  4. CLEANSING: Cut the neck of a black he-goat with a knife, pour the black he-goat blood on your newly shaved head, bury the body of the black he-goat in your compound, put the head of the black he-goat inside the native pot were your bunt shaved hair is. Walk to the nearest four junction barefooted with the native pot, do not look back or talk to anyone and keep the native pot at middle of the four junction. And walk back home without looking back or talk to anyone.
  5. TABOO: You will avoid alcohol, drugs, cigarette, sex, meat and oil food during these days.
  6. CHANT: You should repeatedly chant “Esu Aboru, Esu Aboye, Esu Abosise” while seating comfortably or lying in total darkness.
  7. RESULTS: Individual results are unique to the individual. Post your personal results here.

You must not leave the dark room until your third eye is fully opened and your third eye will be fully opened when you emerged completely with darkness.

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