IFA TEACHING “Oyeku-Si-Idi” – Sacrifice (Ebo) Of Morning & Evening

Oyeku Kepdi was a very popular Ifa priest in heaven. He performed many remarkable feats which have remained universal landmarks both in heaven and on earth. He made divination for the morning and evening when they were coming to earth with the following poem:- lfa Oyeku sidi Idin mon ojo Koni abebe lyeri ye Ia […]

IFA TEACHING “Oyeku-Biri” – Ekundayo (Weeping Has Turned To Joy)

  Olaleye was a well-to-do man but unfortunately he had no children. He had several wives but none of them could bring forth a child. One day, his wives threatened that they were going to leave his house to find salvation else where. The prospect of living without his wives scared him so much that […]

Opele Ifa Divination History: Opele Divination In My Shrine

  Today I will be teaching you the history of Opele. According to Ogbe Meji; Opele also known as ireree was a slave to Orunmila who bought him from the market to serve as a house help. His main duty was to clear the grasses, clean Orunmila house, sweep Orunmila compound, get rid of Ebo […]