35 Sicknesses & Diseases Free Herbal Cure

1. TYPHOID FEVER Get unripe pawpaw, unripe pineapple, ginger, lime orange and Lipton tea. Cut into pieces, boil with fermented corn water for one hour. Take one glass cup 3 times daily for one week. The ailment will disappear. 2. STOMACH ULCER Get 7-8 unripe plantain, peel them, cut them to pieces and pound. Put […]

How To Cure Impotency In Men Within Eight Weeks For Free

Aboru Aboye, a man that can not impregnate a woman is not fit to be called a man, he is a boy. Impregnating a woman is one of the signs that you are now a man. It shows you are healthy and your manhood is working perfectly well. In our society, giving birth to your own […]