Sango (Shango / Chango) Orisa Two Wives Seduced By Arata

Edigbe, Edegba, Idigbe, ldigbe – gbere-gbe tugbe


Made divination for Arata when he seduced two wives of Sango.

The two wives were called Arugba and Omolegbe.


Sango reacted by preparing to wage war on Arata.

Apprehensive of what Sango was going to do him, Arata decided to go to ldigbe for divination.

He was advised to make sacrifice with dried meat, Amala, bitter cola, palm wine and alcoholic spirits.

Arata made the sacrifice and he was told to take it to the side of the road to his house.

He was however told to hide beside the sacrifice to watch was going to eat.

Incidentally, that was the day Songo was going to eliminate Arata and retrieve his wives.

The previous night Esu had caused Sango to have a mild diarrhea which made him to become very hungry, the following morning.

On his way to Arata’s house Sango saw all his favorite food lined out by the side of the road.

He sat down to enjoy the food after which he drank the palm wine. He also pocketed the bitter cola.

As he was drinking the alcoholic spirit, Arata came out to accuse him of stealing.

He shouted that Sango had stolen from him, an offence attracting the death penalty.

When he could no longer stand the embarrassment of being called a thief, Sango besought Arata to do a deal with him.

He was prepared to surrender his two wives provided Arata would agree to drop the theft charge against him.

Arata agreed to the concord but Sango pleaded that both Arata and the two women should join him whenever he was doing a ceremony.

Subsequently, when Sango was performing, Arata came with the two wives and Sang:

Sango Sango olufiran
Ekun oke, mogba arugba
Mo gba omo-legbe
Mosi gba arugba

Sango became incensed and he shot high up into the sky.

NOTE: When this Odu appears at divination the person will be told that if he or any of his relations is proposing to get married, he should be alerted that he is marrying from a tough family. If he however makes the above sacrifice he will marry the woman successfully.

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