Reincarnation: How To Remember Your Past Life The Easiest Way

Aboru Aboye, today I will be teaching you Reincarnation: How To Remember Your Past Life The Easiest Way. So let’s get started:

Sometimes our current life makes no sense. Absolutely no sense. You may find yourself facing a similar challenge over and over again and have no idea why it keeps happening.

You may notice that certain people offend you for no logical reason. You may be inexplicably drawn to a place or a person or family.

The answers to your current life questions may actually be in your past life experiences. Want to find the answers? You may be able to access those past life memories in dreams.

Our dreams contain a wealth of information. There are many types of messages in dreams. Sometimes dreams are prophetic and they provide glimpses into the future.

Many people experience premonitions in their dreams, particularly of future events such as child birth, death, lotto numbers… etc.

But sometimes our dreams aren’t giving us information about the future; they may be giving us some insight into our past. Having past life memories in dreams is more common than you might think.

So how do you know that a dream you’re having is shedding light on a past life? There are a number of signs that you’re having past life memories in dreams.

According to IFA, dream reflects a historical time and place. Have you had a dream where you found yourself in old-fashioned clothing that looked like nothing you would wear in this lifetime?

Maybe you didn’t recognize any of the people in the dream but you noticed that the scenery was clearly that from a previous time or century.

Or perhaps you had a dream of period you’re familiar with in history such as the Colonial period or Biafra war… etc.

Dream reflects an unknown place that feels familiar. It’s always a good idea to pay attention to the way you feel when you’re dreaming.

If you feel that you’re seeing something familiar in your dreams or something that feels like ‘home’ and it’s not something that you recognize in your current life, it could be insights into a past life.

You have a recurring dream about someone you don’t recognize. Recurring dreams are those that you have over and over again are particularly important so you should always pay attention to them.

If you have a recurring dream about someone and you don’t recognize the person chances are there is a strong connection between you and this person. In fact, this person could be you in a past life.

Don’t get hung up on whether the person is a different race, gender or ethnicity from you because we typically have lives from multiple viewpoints so we can learn and experience more.

That’s right; if you’re racist, you probably lived a life as a person with the race that you hate. Or you may be destined to live your next life with that race.

You feel a strong attachment or strong emotion about an unfamiliar experience. If you dream about something that did not happen in your current life, yet you feel a strong attachment to the dream or wake up and know that the dream was important, you may have tapped into some knowledge from a past life.

Emotion is always a sign to pay attention. If you can’t apply the insights you’re receiving to your current life, you may be getting a glimpse of the past.

REINCARNATION IS REAL. Thank you for reading, leave your comments

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