Osun Mystical Statue

This Osun Extreme Spiritual Powers, Instant Healing and Giver Of Healthy Children Mystical Statue is one that truly reaches into the most powerful and deepest realms of Spiritual World.

Until now, this Powerful Ancient Osun Mystical Statue has only been available to the Elite and those born into families of the Wealthy or within the Orisa Community.

It is a Sacred Statue of the Highest Power that brings Ultimate Spiritual Powers, Instant Healing, Abundance of Healthy Children, Good Marriage, Prosperity, Goodluck, Love Attraction and Lots More.

This Sacred Statue has brought Millions of Healthy Children to those seeking to have their own children, Healing to those that were Sick, Good Marriage to those that were single, Goodluck to those experiencing badluck, Love Attraction to those that needs sex partners and Lots More.

It is the only one of it’s kind and is created according to Pure Tradition of our African Ancestors.

It bares no Evil or Negative Influence and will not harm you or your Family to bring you what you Desire!

Many of the world’s Most Successful, Wealthy and Most Famous Africans have embraced Osun to get to where they are today!

Now, For a Limited Time: I am offering these Powerful Osun Mystical Statues at an affordable price to the public.

This is your chance to gain Ultimate Spiritual Powers, Instant Healing, Abundance of Healthy Children, Good Marriage, Prosperity, Goodluck, Love Attraction and Lots More!

Unparalleled Spiritual Powers, Exponential Goodluck And Healing can be yours today!

  • Osun is one of the oldest Female Orisa. She is the Goddess of Fertility, Mystery, River, Seduction, Dance, Mirror and she will Grant anything you Desire!
  • Osun is the renewing source of life, she makes life possible, she is the child-giving and curative power of water.
  • Odu Irete Obara confirmed Osun as the Benevolent Mother who bestows money and riches on people.
  • Odu Ose’tura also confirmed Osun as the leader of the Iyamis will protect you from witches and evil forces.
  • Odu Ose’Tura also confirmed Osun as the owner of sixteen cowrie divination will open your spiritual eyes and give you spiritual powers

The Spirit of Osun was conjured unto this statue on the day and hour of Osun according to the ancient Tradition of our African Ancestors.

The Osun spirit inside this statue will bring you Infinite Spiritual Powers, Healing, Abundance of Healthy Children, Good Marriage, Prosperity, Goodluck and Love Attraction!

Become a Healer and start healing the sick in no time! Become an Elite today! Be Protected Against Witches, Ogbanjes, Evil Spirits and Misfortunes!

  • Become Fortified!
  • Become A Healer!
  • Become Prosperous!
  • Become Rich and Wealthy!
  • Say Goodbye to Childlessness forever!
  • Say Goodbye to Misfortunes forever!
  • Never Worry about Good Marriage!
  • Never Worry about Sex Again!
  • Never Worry about Witches!
  • Never Worry about Ogbanjes!

You will attract Money Faster than ever before! Your finances will Multiply before your very own eyes!

There is no quicker and more successful way to gain spiritual powers and goodluck than by the powers of Osun.

Trust Osun and watch your success multiplies and your illness disappears!

Start living a flamboyant life you deserve with no witch or evil force stopping you!

Over 401 Ancient rituals and castings have been performed upon this beautiful statue by the World’s Renowned Babalawo.

I have made over 21 travels to some of the most remote villages in Nigeria to have this Statue of Osun Blessed by the Most Powerful Babalawos, Orisa Priests and Priestess in existence.

It’s powers are undeniably intense and will bring Ultimate and Endless Riches to it’s possessor! This Statue contains the Power of Osun. Are you ready to be Blessed by Osun?

The Key to Ultimate Happiness, Flamboyant Life and Millions lie within this Powerful Statue! Don’t let another minute slip by! Now is the time!

Here are just a few of the vast Blessings and gifts you will obtain:

  • Wealth, Prosperity and Vast Riches
  • Spiritual Powers and Psychic Abilities
  • Instant Healing and Good Health
  • Good Marriage and Loyal Spouse
  • Abundance of Healthy Children
  • Beauty and Everlasting Youth
  • Heightened intuition / Clairvoyance
  • Ability to sense Astral Energies
  • Gift of Reading Imprints
  • Reading the thoughts of others
  • Planting subliminal thoughts into the minds of others
  • The Gift of Persuasion
  • Gathering and projecting energy
  • Self-advancement
  • Success in Love and Relationship Issues
  • Heightened Sexual Ability
  • Extreme Fulfillment of Desires & Passion
  • Promoting positive energy exchange
  • Bringing guidance and protection from evil
  • Promoting a tranquil environment
  • Protection against witches and ogbanjes

This Powerful Osun Mystical Statue also brings great Sexual Advancement, Heightened Passion and fulfillment of all Desires:

  • Promoting Sex Appeal
  • Spice up your current relationships
  • Attract New Love and Romance
  • Supercharging Your Libido & Stamina
  • Heightened Charisma / Charm
  • Promoting Seductive Traits
  • Releasing Inhibitions
  • Vivid Sexual Dreams
  • Bringing Intense Orgasms
  • Igniting Hidden Passions
  • Promoting self confidence and self esteem
  • Making You Irresistible to Everyone


Manifestations include (but are not limited to): Distant Voices, Door Opening and Closing, Distant Music, Blurs, Noise, Temperature Changes, Sparks of Light, Unstable Electricity and so much more! Experience the power of Osun for yourself!

Note: You do not have to be an Osun Priest or Priestess or initiate for this Osun Mystical Statue to work for you – it had been charged with ancient powers already for you. Keeping it on top of a yellow cloth covered wood will do just fine!

We have Limited Quantities! Buy It Now before it’s too late!

There are limited quantities of this particular Mystical Statue! Now may be your only chance to own this powerful piece!

Each casting is performed specifically for every individual to ensure the powers are unique and custom fit for each person’s needs.

Note that you will be receiving a Statue that will be inhabited by Osun specifically conjured for YOU! Buy Now while there is still time and change your life Today!

This is a truly rare Statue of Osun containing Great Occult Powers!

Please read all!

The spirit of Osun imbued within this Magnificent Statue is that of the most Powerful Female Orisa in the Universe — My items are extremely potent and not to be taken lightly!

All my items contain great energies for they are cast using only the most rare and ancient forms of African Tradition Mysticism.

This Powerful Mystical Osun Statue brings great Spiritual Powers, Healing, Love, Sex Partners, Prosperities, Wealth, Riches, Good Marriage, Healthy Children and Lots More!

All you must do is to be Dedicated in your Osun Worship and great Gifts shall be bestowed upon you! Patience is a virtue! As my Late Awo always said “You must always Believe!”

You do not have to be a Babalawo or Orisa Priest or Initiate to own a Mystical, Occult or Spiritual item!

The Powers of this Item work for Orisa Initiates and non-initiate alike! You can be of any faith or religion! All you must do is Believe and respect the Osun Spirits within this Mystical Statue.

This piece contains great Powers and Energies, please handle with care and respect. Real Osun Mystical Statue, Real Results! Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

International worldwide Shipping through Registered Air Mail Nigeria post and Delivery to your location can be from 2-4 weeks of time.

We can also send this item by express mode 3-7 days delivery but that will also require you to pay extra additional shipping charges to your location.

Let us know how you want us to proceed. As soon you receive this in your shipping address let us know so that we are able to send you instructions on how to use it with do and donts… Thanks!

NOTE: Please be aware that sometime parcels are delayed by customs of your country and for such delays we are not responsible so you must contact and clear any customs delays, thanks!

Osun Mystical Statue Description

Height: 1 Ft

Breadth: 12 cm

Clay Price: $1,800

Bronze Price: $4,800


Payment Method

Send your payment through Western Union / MoneyGram to:

Name: Ifaluyi Bode

City: Benin

Sate: Edo

Country: Nigeria

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