Osoosi is the Òrìsà that represents the hunting but also watchfulness, acting similar to a police officer that protects the habitants of one area.

That is the reason for creating an altar together with Ògún and Èsù-Elégbára so that he also can protect the habitants of one area, from beasts, witchcraft and robbers.


He is also the one that owns the prisons, he decides if somebody is set to be free or locked down. On the other hand as a hunter, he is the one who brings abundance of mainly meat. The story says that he was one of the kings of Ketu.

Osoosi Food

Leopards and pets belong to Òsóòsì and he receives goats, fish, yam, corn, beans, among other things. He shares his meals with Ogún and Èsu-Elégbara, because he has the same food, they are inseparable friends and they also belong to the same Klan of the Warriors.

Even dough Òsóòsì is equipped with Ode because of the similar functions and characteristic, they are really two different entities. One of the differences is that Òsóòsì origins from Etu, meanwhile Odes origins from Egba-Egbado.

Osoosi The Hunter

The sons of Òsóòsì are known for being the prototype of a primitive hunter, people that are known for being alert, fast and good at taking the initiative. They enjoy changes, new businesses. They are welcoming and they also love the family.

They greet each other by lifting the left leg and imitate the shooting with an arrow with their hands. He is an old Òrìsà and the son of Yemònja, he is the patron of the ones who has problems with justice and he is a good magician, soothsayer, warrior, hunter and fisherman.

Òsóòsì is the greatest of hunters and his arrows never fail. There was a time when he was not able to reach his catch, because of the thickness of the bush, he asked Òrúnmila for advice and was recommended to do ebo.

Osoosi And Ogun

Òsóòsì and Ògún where enemies because of a Sisán that Èsù had provoked, but Ògún had a similar problem, even though nobody could make trails in the bush as fast as Ògún could, he was not able to kill his prey as Òsóòsì could.

So both rivals went to the bush and started talking to each other, while they were talking they saw a deer, quickly Òsóòsì shoot an arrow that went through his throat and killed the deer.

Òsóòsì told Ògún that he could not reach the catch because of the bush, Ògún grabbed his bowie knife and made a trail as fast as a blink of an eye.

Really exited of what they had discovered, they shared the catch and realized that they where nothing as long as they stood apart from each other.

They booth went home to Òrúnmila and made a pact. That’s why Òsóòsì and Ògún are always together, Òsóòsì the hunter and Ògún the master of the Iron.

The Spiritual forces that are the foundations of Òsóòsì’s role in the spiritual kingdom are connected to the search of the balance between itself and the world.

Osoosi Ifa Scriptures

Ifá scriptures state that transformation occurs gradually increasing very slowly. Generally Òsóòsì is described as patient and persistent. The magic ritual is an instant repair of a problem and it is not magic if the results are not immediate and miraculous.

Ifá says that magic is a result of an unshakeable will and determination in the solution of a problem, Ifa says that there must be a will that objectively evaluates and discards what is not producing the desired result for this process to be effective.

Osoosi Benefits

Òsóòsì helps us to focus on finding the solution of the problem. The level of concentration is resemblance of a hunter that has to be still and patient while waiting for his pray.

Osoosi Prayers (Incantation) And Translation

Oríkì Òsóosì
(Pray to the Spirit of the house)

Iba Òsóòsì.
I pray to the spirit that marks a trail

Iba ologarare.
I pray to the master of himself

Iba Onibebe.
I pray to the owner of the bank of the river

Iba Osolikere.
I pray to the wizard of the forest

Ode ata matase,
The hunter that never fails

Agbani nijo to buru,
The wise spirit that offers many blessings

Oni ode gan fi di ja,
The owner of the bird that leads me to overcome my fear

I salute you