ORUNMILA & ORI: Why We Bow Our Head To Orunmila

IFA ORACLE Divination Tray
The most remarkable work of Ejiogbe (Orunmila Apostle) in heaven is his revelation of how the Head (Ori) which was a Divinity came to have body.
The Divinities were originally created without the Head as it is today because the Head itself was one of the divinities.
The Head As A Divinity
The Awo who made divination for the Head, Ori-omo Atete Ni Iron (hereafter called ORI) was called Amure, awo eba ono, who lived in heaven.
Orunmila invited Amure to make divination for him on how to have a complete physical feature because none of them (divinities) had a head at the time. The Awo told Orunmila to rub both palms upwards and pray to have a head.
He was told to make sacrifice with four kolanuts, clay bowl, sponge and soap. He was told to keep the kolanuts on his lfa shrine without splitting them because an inconsequential visitor would later come to break them.
ORI (Head) also invited Amure for divination and he was told to serve his guardian angel with four kolanuts, which he could not afford to buy, although he was told that he would only begin to prosper after making
the sacrifice.
After making his own sacrifice, Orunmila left the four kolanuts on his lfa shrine as he was advised to do. Thereafter Esu announced in heaven that Orunmila had four beautiful kola nuts at his shrine and was looking for
a suitable divinity to break them.
Led by Ogun, all the divinities visited Orunmila one after the other but he told each of them that they were not strong enough to break the kolanuts. They felt slighted and left him in annoyance.
Even Orisa Nla (God the son) himself visited Orunmlla but he entertained him with different and better kolanuts, remarking that the controversial kolanuts were not meant for him to break.
Since God is never known to lose his temper, he accepted the fresh kolanuts given to him by Orunmila and left.
Finally, ORI decided to visit Orunmila, since he was the only divinity who had not tried to break the mysterious kolanuts, especially as he could not even afford to buy the ones with which he was required to serve his guardian angel.
He then rolled up to Orunmila’s house. As soon as orunmila saw ORI rolling down to his house, he met him and carried him up inside the house.
Orunmila immediately got the clay bowl, filled it with water and used the sponge and the soap to wash ORI, clean.
After towelling him, Orunmila carried ORI to his shrine and requested him to break the kolanuts because the had for long been kept for him.
After thanking Orunmila for his honorific gesture, ORI prayed for Orunmila with the kolanuts that whatever he did should have fulfttment and manifestation.
Next ORI used the kolanuts to pray for himself to have a permanent abode and plenty of followers. ORI then rolled backwards and charged against the kolanuts and they broke up with a very loud explosion which echoed throughout the length and breadth of heaven.
On hearing the sound of the explosion, all the other divinities immediately realised that the kolanuts at orunmila’s shrine had finally been split and they were all curious to know who succeeded in breaking the kola nuts that had defied everyone including God.
When Esu subsequently announced that the kolanuts had been split by ORI, all the divinities agreed that the “Head” was the right divinity to do it.
Almost immediately afterwards, the hand, feet, body, stomach, chest, neck etc each of which before then had distinct identities, all assembled and decided to go and live with the head, not having previously realised that he was so important.
Together, they all carried the Head high above them and right there at the shrine of Orunmila, the Head was crowned the king of the body.
It is on account of the role played by Orunmila in his fortune that the head touches the ground to defer and rever to Orunmila to this day.
That is also why in spite of being the youngest of all the divinities, Orunmila is more important and more popular than all of them.


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