The Origin Of Witches Power

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Ifa was consulted for Odu on the day Odu was making the journey from Heaven to Earth in the company of Ogun and Obarisa.

Odu was the only woman among them.

She asked Olodumare what would happen when we arrive in the world?

Olodumare said the world would be good.

He said everything they will want to accomplish would be done because he will give them the power. It will be good.

When Ogun walked in front Obarisa followed and behind Obarisa came Odu.

She asked Olodumare about the world.

She said Ogun has the power to fight. He has the gun he has the weapons necessary for victory.

She said Obarisa has power, the power of Obarisa makes anything he wants manifest.

She said she is the only woman among them and wanted to know her power.

Olodumare said for all of time you will be called Mother.

He said you were the only one who traveled to Earth and returned to Heaven.

Only the women among them returned.

He said you will up hold the world, Olodumare will give you that power.

He said I will give you the power in the form of a bird.

Olodumare said it is good.

Olodumare asked Odu if she knew how to use the bird in the calabash.

He said you will know how to use it.

Odu received the bird from Olodumare and received the power to use it.

Odu departed as she was leaving Olodumare asked her to return.

He said come back.

He said you Odu when you arrive on earth how are you going to use the power of the bird, the power I have given you?

She said those who do not listen to the will of Olodumare she will fight with them.

She said those who would ask for wealth she would give it to them.

She said those who wanted children she would give them children.

She said if someone receives wealth and become impertinent she will take it away.

She said if someone gives birth to a child and they become impertinent she will take it away.

She said anything she did for a person if they became impertinent she would take it away.

Olodumare said this is good but you must use this power with calm and for the good.

If you use it for bad things and cause violence, I will reclaim this power.

All the men who follow you, I have made you their mother, anything they wish to do they must speak to you first.

Note: It is from this very ancient time that Olodumare has given the power to woman because it was she who received the power of Odu. He gave women the power of the word.

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