Ogun is an Orisha, Loa and Vodun. He is a warrior and a powerful spirit of metal work, war, hunting, civilization and as well as rum-making.

Ogun is a primordial Orisha who first appeared as a hunter named Tobe Ode. He was the husband of Oya. He is the first Orisha to descend to the realm of Ile Aiye “Earth” to find suitable place for future human life.

He was the one that cleared the path for other gods to enter Earth using a metal ax and with the assistance of a dog. To commemorate this, one of his praise names or oriki is Osin Imole or the “first of the primordial Orisha to come to Earth”. He is the god of war and metals.

In his earthly life Ogun is the first king of Ife. When some of his subjects failed to show respect, Ogun killed them and ultimately himself with his own sword. He disappeared into the earth at a place called Ire-Ekiti with the promise to help those who call on his name.

Ogun have “wo ile sun” to have disappeared into the earth’s surface instead of dying. Throughout his earthly life, he fought for the people of Ire, thus is known also as Onire. He is now celebrated in Nigeria.

Ogun Incantation

Ogun! Obi rere o

Fun wa ni alaafia

Ma da wahale silu


Ogun Translation

Ogun! We give you kola

Give us peace

Do not make trouble in our town


Ogun Prayer

Ogun awo, Olumaki, alase ajuba

Ogun ni jo ti ma lana lati ode

Ogun oni’re onile kangun-kangun

ode Orun, egbe lehin

Pa san bo pon ao lana to

Imo kimo ‘bora, egbe lehin a nle a benge logbe



Ogun, chief of strength, owner of power, I salute you

Ogun dances outside to the open road (dance is a metaphysical force)

Ogun, owner of good fortune, owner of many houses in the realm of the ancestors, help those who journey (Ogun has much “wealth” in Orun that he will bless you with)

Remove the obstructions from our path

Wisdom of the warrior spirit, guide us on our spiritual journey with strength


Ogun Functions

The unique function of Ogun within the realm of Orisa Awo is to remove all obstacles that stand in the way of spiritual evolution, which includes the evolution of all there is.

In order to do this, Ogun must sacrifice all that stands in the way of spiritual evolution.

Because of this sacred responsibility, Ogun is considered the Guardian of Truth.

Ogun does not protect the truth as what we would like it to be; he guards the truth of what is.

It is the process of making this distinction that lies at the core of Ogun’s mystery.

Ogun Orisa

Ogun is one of the oldest Orisa. He is the Spirit of hunting, iron, and warfare. Ogun is the force which helped humans adapt to the world.

Ogun Ase

Ogun’s ase is physical force, hotness, quickness, directness, sensuality, firmness, protectiveness, loyalty and tenacity.

Ogun is firm, forthright and honest. He has no mercy on cowards. He is supremely creative.

When we think of Ogun, usually two main concepts come to mind; two different images.

Two Aspect Of Ogun

First is as a violent warrior, fully armed with weapons and charms, and ready for battle. The other is as the ideal man, virile, courageous, brave, a man who protects and nurtures his children, who pursues truth and justice relentlessly, and creates civilization.

Ogun Three Basic Philosophical Principles

  1. In Ogun we find three basic philosophical principles regarding idealized human. One is Ogun is metaphorical solitude. Each of us, in the end, are on a solitary journey, the hero’s journey to self realization. We are also ultimately responsible for our day to day survival supported by our own inner strength.
  2. Another principle regarding the ideal human is taking a leadership role, extending our responsibility for self to that of the community or group.
  3. The third is iwa pele. We will be judged by our achievements and accomplishments both at the individual level but more importantly in service to others. Although seemingly paradoxical, these themes of aggression and civilization are actually complementary. War is an act of civilization building. Creating societies is a violent act.

Ogun Basic Truth

Ogun’s basic truth is that death is essential to life. When is death good and when is it bad? Ogun is an ambivalent Orisa who reflects the contradictions of human nature.

Ogun Prayer

The light shining on Ogun’s face is not easy to behold

Ogun, let me not see the red of your eye

Ogun is a crazy Orisa who still asks questions after 780 years!

Whether I can reply, or whether I cannot reply

Ogun, please don’t ask me anything

Ogun The Many Face God

Ogun has many faces: “Ogun meje l’Ogun-un mi.” “The Ogun that I know are seven in number.”

Ogun is the Spirit of Iron, and we can analyse the qualities of iron to get a glimpse of Ogun’s qualities.

Iron is unique in its ability to be transformed in profound ways. It can go from red hot liquid to cold and unyielding very quickly.

It always maintains its inner “ironess” through all its transformations. The incredible ability to undergo radical changes in temperature, color, and temper are the essence of iron and Ogun.

The tools made from iron also reflect Ogun, as they are usually used in quick strong, decisive movements.

However, to limit Ogun to the Spirit of Iron, is to cut short his history, as iron smelting is a recent technological achievement.

Ogun God Of War

Similarly, to reduce Ogun to the God of War, is to limit his divine responsibilities.

Orisa exist at all levels and expressions of the divine, in creation and in the invisible realm.

Ogun Primal Energy

At the level of universal energy, Ogun is primal energy; the expansive and unstoppable energy of evolution. Ogun is that force of nature that keeps matter in motion.

Ogun is always bringing something new into the world, whether it be a new political order, a new technology or a new settlement.

The Meaning Of Ogun

The word Ogun, with the appropriate tonal changes, can be translated to mean war, inheritance, medicine and perspiration. Once Olodumare gives a being life, it is Ogun who sustains that organism.

Story Of Ogun

In a well known itan (story) from the Yoruba creation myth, Ogun came to earth with the other 401 irunmole.

Obatala came down to the world first, but when he started to cut his way through the forest, his silver cutlass was not up to the task (too soft).

So Ogun took over with his iron cutlass. Ogun took the leadership role and directed the other irunmole.

Ogun’s philosophy is that we must act with courage and heroism in living and in dying while serving the needs of the community.

This story also suggests that Obatala created human consciousness, but Ogun is the force behind its evolution.

Ogun is the instigator of beginnings, foundings and innovations.

Ogun Invocation

Ogun Lakaaye

Osin Mole

Oosa to sogbo dile

Oosa to sogbo digboro

Oosa to sakitan doja



Ogun, Chief Lakaaye

Chief Osin Mole

The Orisa who made the forest his home

The Orisa who made the heart of the forest into a township

The Orisa who made a refuse pit into a market

Ogun The Orisa Of Making Ebo (blood offerings)

Ogun Ebo Orisa

Ogun is also the Orisa in charge of making ebo (blood offerings). In this area he works closely with Esu.

Initiates learn the awo of ebo. That is, the successful elevation of the spirit of the animal to Orun with the prayers of the person for whom the ebo is being done, as well as the request that the animal return to earth to feed the people again.

This last aspect is part of Ogun’s role as that force that pushes living things to continue to procreate.

The assurance that the animal will return assures that there will be food to eat and the species will not die out.

Ogun The Hunter And Warrior

However, it is most probable that Ogun became Orisa through hunters and warriors.

Most cultures have a way established to readmit warriors back into society after battle.

This involves some manner of ritual purification for the warriors after killing in battle. In Yoruba culture, it is the Ogun worshipers that carry out this task.

It would seem that hunting, killing and the need to re-establish order from the disorder of death are the conceptual roots of Ogun (Armstrong).

When we speak of Orisa, it can be confusing because we refer to Orisa in several ways without making clear distinctions.

Orisa bring together experience from both the worldly and spiritual realms.

Ogun Multifaceted And Multidimensional Qualities

So we have Ogun as a primal energy; as a force of nature; as a highly evolved spirit given a job to do by God; as a personified diety, etc.

The multifaceted and multidimensional qualities of Orisa are what render any explanation wanting.

Ogun Possession

Truthfully, the only way to know Ogun or any Orisa is through possession by that Orisa, the point where knowledge and understanding merge. Any endeavor to interpret Ogun will be incomplete.

Ogun The Blood Thirsty Warrior And Nurturing Protector

Yoruba cosmology relates that in “Source” there is unity, but in the physical realms polarities are created and these polarities are in constant flux.

This is why Orisa seem to be illogical or contradictory at times, for instance Ogun as blood thirsty warrior and as nurturing protector.

Ogun Kills And Create

All Orisa contain both positive and negative attributes. Ogun kills and he creates. Yoruba thought regards truth as ephemeral, and good and evil as subjective.

Ogun Helps The Poor

Ogun kills your enemy; this is good for you, but an act of evil to your enemies’ wife and children.

He helps the poor and the powerless by taking from the rich and powerful.

Ogun Destruction And Creation

In Ogun, rather than illogical opposites, we have the unity of destruction and creation.

Through Ogun, this polarity is brought into balance. All Orisa represent polarities and all Orisa provide a theory of how the world works; how balance is achieved both at the universal level, at the societal level, and at the human level.

Ogun Esoteric Information

The following itan of Ogun is full of esoteric information regarding this Orisa.

The story is that once upon a time, Ororinna married Tabutu, and they had a son named Tobi Ode (skilled hunter).

He became the first Orisa to make the trip from ikole Orun to ikole Aye. The earth was covered with dense forest.

The other irunmole followed. Obatala tried to cut a path through the forest, but his silver cutlass was too soft.

Tobi created iron and made a cutlass that he used to cut through the forest. From that day on, he was known as Ogun, osin imole, “first among the immortals.”

But Ogun did not want to be their leader, he preferred solitude so he went up in the mountains.

Ogun Primordial Role

Ogun in this primordial role as evolutionary energy is mirrored at the human level.

Ogun is the hunter / warrior who encapsulates the evolutionary progression from hunting to agriculture and from stone tools too iron, from subsistence horticulture to urbanization and the development of empire.

Ogun Of Excellence

Ogun is the symbol of excellence, of the superior, conquering society. One of Ogun’s primary symbols is the knife (Obe). It is because of this that a major contradiction arises.

Ogun Eats First

Ogun eats first, because the knife is the first thing to taste blood in any sacrifice. It is said that Esu must eat first, and in ritual feasts and bloodless offerings, he is presented his food first.

However, in blood offerings it is Ogun, the only one allowed to take a life, who eats first, and it is because of him that the other Orisa can be fed blood.

Ogun The Father Of Metamorphosis

Ogun is the father of metamorphosis, because with his great strength and with the aid of intense heat, he transforms carbon into diamonds, sandstone into marbles, and marble into gneiss.

Ogun The Sustainer Of Life

Over time and space, Ogun has taken on more facets. Ogun is the God of War, Energy and Metal. Ogun keeps matter in motion. Ogun is the sustainer of life.

Ogun Clears Path

Ogun lives in the knife, and with it, clears a path for man. Ogun is the force within your computer.

Ogun is technology. Ogun represents the tools that shape man, bringing out a person’s potential, enhancing one’s life.

Ogun Auto Accident And Gun Wounds

Ogun is our heart beat and the final contraction during birth. Ogun is auto accidents and gun wounds. Ogun is the warrior, hunter and farmer. Ogun is the God of loyalty and life-long friendships.

Ogun Master Of Secrets

Ogun is the master of secrets, skills, crafts, professions and creations. In Cuba Ogun is San Juan or San Pedro. In Brazil he is Saint George.

Ogun Devotees

Ogun devotees have decorations of miniature iron tools which serve as metaphors for civilization.

In the Diaspora, they have taken to contain Ogun in an iron pot with iron tools inside along of course with the stone.

Ogun Main Tools

The main tools of Ogun are the anvil, which signifies the earth’s ability to transform man.

  1. The shovel: which is used fir digging into one’s potential; the machete, which is used to clear path’s and to protect.
  2. The rake: which is used to gather and smooth rough areas of the self.
  3. The hoe: which is used to cultivate one’s potential.
  4. The hammer: which is used to bend or shape one’s faculties; and the pick, which is used to pierce or penetrate the hardened areas of the self.

Ogun Orisa of Civilization

The implements are gifts of Ogun which he uses to help a person through life.

They are metaphors for civilization. Ogun represents all occupations in which cutting instruments are used.

Ogun And Divinties

Ogun helped the divinities to survive in their initial settlement on earth and to effect harmony among themselves as they struggled with new and unforeseen circumstances.

Ogun Orisa Of Occupation

Ogun is the Orisa of barbers, doctors, butchers, etc., any occupation that uses knives or blades, or iron tools.

Ogun Incantation

Ogun Oni’ re ni je aj’a

Ogun ikola a je igbin

Ogun gbena-gbena`oje igi ni i je!

Pa si’le ps s’oko.

Laka aiye OGUN ko laso,

Moriwo l’aso OGUN.

Ire kii se ile OGUN,

Emu lo ya mu ni’be.



Ogun, the owner of Ire, eats dog,

Ogun of circumcision, eats snail,

Ogun of carvers, saps the juice of trees!

He kills in the house and kills on the farm.

He who covers the world

Ogun had no cloth,

Palm frond is the cloth of Ogun.

Ire is not the home of Ogun,

He just stopped there to drink palm wine.


Ogun And Other Orisa

No Orisa stands alone, they are all part of a whole. Ogun’s iron tools connect him in many ways to other Orisa. Ogun needs Sango’s fire to make iron from ore as well as to make iron into tools and weapons.

Ogun And Osanyin

Ogun has a strong connection with Osainyin, the Orisa of the herbalists. Osainyin devotees have a staff which has miniature iron implements as well as a bird on top. The bird represents the mystical powers of the herbalists.

The Ogun miniature implements represent Ogun’s relationship to the herbalists as warriors receive war charms and protective medicines from the herbalists.

And it is Ogun’s ase that is in the charms and medicines (hunters also have many charms and medicines).

Ogun Iron Armlets

Much of the warriors and hunters success depends on the efficacy of his charms.

Ogun’s iron armlets could deflect the enemies sword from the warriors body and even divert bullets.

Ogun Sword

Ogun’s sword best represents his ase. It contains the essence of the twin aspects of aggression and civilization.

It cleared the forest and built the house; it cleared the farm and planted the crops; and it defeated the enemy and crowned the king.

Although the Iyami possess the king’s crown and thus are the kingmakers, the king must be given Ogun’s sword in ritual setting before he can sit on the throne.

Ogun Initiates

Hunters who are Ogun initiates learn the secrets of Oya, who is the Spirit of the Wind and also the Guardian of the Forest Animals. In addition, they must undergo training in the secrets of tracking of Osoosi.

In this way, we see that Orisa are parts of a whole. Ogun also has a symbiotic relationship with Esu.

Together with Osoosi, the Spirit of the Tracker, they constitute the ebora, the warriors.

They are invoked to provide us the courage, determination and strength to embark on the path of birth, death, transformation and rebirth.

Ogun Qualities

These qualities are expansive aggressive qualities and thus the ebora are male energies, but the inspiration to embark on the path and the source of the ebora’s strength comes from the Divine Feminine.

The relationship between the ebora is a description of the fundamental structure of consciousness itself. This description is not limited to human perception.

It contains clues for grasping the basic structure of the visual carbon based universe.

The paradigm is rooted in the structure of ori. The stories associated with Èsù, Òsóòsi and Ogun are expressions of the symbolic language used by Ifá to describe the inner workings of the unknowable knower.

The relationship between these three primal Spiritual Forces is an expression of the relationship between the inner self, the self and the higher self in the process of transformation and change.

All personal growth moves through the cycles described by Ifá as or the mystery of those who take our offerings to the Immortals.

Life, death, transformation and rebirth is the way of the world. The Nigeria mathematician Dr. Oyibo recently offered a solution to the problem of unified field theory.

This problem has plagued science since the time of Einstein. Unified field theory is a mathematical formula used to describe the interrelated nature of all things.

In an interview Dr. Oyibo said the inspiration for his solution to this problem came from the elders of Ifá.

Exactly, the Universe is hydrogen atoms going through the process of life, death, transformation and rebirth.

Stars are huge furnaces that transform hydrogen into the spectrum of elements.

Fire creates diversity, water creates stability, air sustains life, and life returns to its source.

Our consciousness reflects this cycle because it is born of Creation. Consciousness did not become manifest in the world with the birth of humans it came into Being at the moment of Creation of the Universe. Everything is Spirit looking for a glimpse of Source.

Ogun Iwa Pele

Ogun is a shining example of iwa pele, but is not in any way perfect (in his anthropomorphic self).

He (and his children) is not afraid to be himself. Like iron, he is rigid, self assured, and unyielding.

Because he is untiring, deliberate and focused, he accomplishes all that he sets out to do.

He is strength, but used creatively. Ogun is very creative. Children of Ogun, when trying to figure out how to accomplish something will always think of the physical first.

They like to use their hands and their strength. Others marvel at the untiring energy of his children.

Ogun sees and makes his own way. He is economy in action; no wasted motion, catch only what you are going to eat.

Ogun Champion Of Laborers

Ogun is the champion of laborers everywhere. One praise name of Ogun is Ogun Onire; Ogun as the source of good fortune. What is being alluded to here is suuru, patience, as the source of ire.

Usually, when divination speaks of patience as related to a problem, it is saying look to Ogun for help.

At the core of Ogun’s ase is the slow, steady willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Ogun is the metaphoric representation of transformation brought about by human effort.

This benevolent aspect of Ogun is illustrated in a verse from Ogunda Meji:

Alagbara ni noskun Ade was the one who divined for Ogun. He was advised to sacrifice a cutlass, a rooster and a roasted yam. Ifa said that he must always go about with his cutlass because it would be the key to his prosperity. He was told to eat the roasted yam. He did so. He was thirsty after this and he went to the river to drink water.

As he finished drinking he saw two people fighting over a fish they caught. He advised them to be patient and go home and share the fish. They ignored him. The first man told him he came from the east and the second from the west.

After listening to their arguments, Ogun became agitated and, to the surprise of the two men, took out his cutlass and cut the fish in two. He told each to take half.

The first thanked him and requested him to open a foot-path from where they were to his town and that he would enrich his (Ogun’s) life if he did.

He further said that Ogun would receive valuable things that would give him confidence. The other one also thanked him and made the same request. Ogun agreed and he has been known as “Ogun-da-meji” (Ogun creates two), since the day he cut the fish into two.

“Ko si gba ta o ni ku”

Death is the inevitable fate of all humans.

Ogun Popular Village

There is a popular story of Ogun killing an entire village. He started out protecting the village but loses control. In another version, he kills whole village because of a perceived slight.

In both mythical proverbs he moves to the Bush to live alone. One aspect of the story is Ogun’s destructive capacity, that one must be careful when unleashing these forces and the need to remain emotionless, or disconnected.

At the metaphysical level, Ogun’s agressive nature signifies the will to survive that exists in all living things. In addition the story speaks to political conflict.

The story also speaks to the nature of truth, and the need to be adaptable to new realities, and relates that there is no perfect balance between being in control and out of control.

It is by understanding the constructive-destructive cycle of self transformation that each individual must experience for growth that we can understand Ogun the Orisa.

Ogun shows us how to balance the need for constraint with the need for freedom.

Where does one meet him?

One meets him in the place of battle

One meets him in the place of wrangling

One meets him in the place

Where torrents of blood fill with longing

As a cup of water does the thirsty

Ogun Raw Energy

Ogun as raw creative energy is not fit to be within civilization, that is to be King like his “brother’ Sango. Sango incorporates Ogun’s war powers and creative abilities, but tempered by Obatala.

Ogun Color

So Ogun’s color is red, then Sango white and red, and then Obatala, white. It is like a continuum from the rawness of Ogun to the cool wisdom of Obatala. Even the great leader Sango messed up real bad.

He dies and was subsequently reborn with a wider consciousness and closer to Obatala (with Oya’s help).


Ojo Ogun

Si lo, si lo, silo ni ma se aye

Dugbe dugbe a gba ode oorun keke

Ipe npe ju a si kun fe je

Paranganda ni da fomo odo

Abiri, abihun a simu Orisa

Mo ri faaji re!



On the days when Ogun is angered

There is always disaster in the world

The world is full of dead people going to heaven

The eyelashes are full of water

Tears stream down the face

A bludgeoning by Ogun causes a man’s downfall

I see and hear, I fear and respect my Orisa

I have seen your bloody merriment!


Ogun Orisa Of Justice

Ogun is stickler for justice. Children of Ogun feel the need for justice, and find it very difficult to ignore injustice.

He is truth. In Nigeria, Ogun’s symbol, iron, is used voluntarily in courts of law for the taking of oaths by witnesses to affirm that the truth will be told (like Christians do with the bible).

Few people, who believes in Orisa, would dare lie after swearing to tell the truth on Ogun.

When Ifa speaks of truth, it does not mean some idealistic vision of the way things should be.

Ogun searches for the truth about the way things really exist in the world. Ogun represents the power of the Spirit of Evolution to mold new life forms and new structures as creation unfolds.

Ogun is a fundamental force of natural law, and is used as a symbol for truth.

Ogun Obstacles Removal

Many people appeal to Ogun to remove obstacles, both spiritual and physical obstacles.

This causes Ogun to get a bad name, because people don’t understand what they are asking for.

More often than not, the obstacle in question is within the person his / herself. Since Ogun removes the obstacles regardless, if we are not ready to face truth, the process can be painful.

Ogun And Ogboni Fraternity

Yet another aspect of Ogun is his place in Ogboni, the cult of elders that worship the earth, called Onile.

Onile is the feminine aspect of Ogun. Being the earth diety and associated with Ogun, gives us the best evidence yet of Ogun’s ancient roots.

Ogun Female Devotees

Woman devotees of Ogun used to worship Ogun in the form of a snake, usually a python.

As we know, the python is associated with Osumare, the feminine diety. Snake dieties are usually associated with the earth.

Maybe it is this connection that led to Ogun being a part of the Ogboni earth cult. Ogun’s connection to the feminine earth diety.

Ogun In Diaspora

Ogun in the diaspora is usually seat in an iron pot with three legs, wrapped with a chain and filled with spikes. There is usually a knife and maybe some tools in the pot.

What do these things represent? With the pot, we have the symbolism of the womb, and we also have the idea of three legs. Three is symbolic number of Onile or Mother Earth.

Ifá says that whenever two Awo (diviners) meet three are always present, the third being the Earth Herself.

Three symbolizes the relationship to the Earth this gives us the symbol of the womb supported by the symbol for the Earth a clear indication of the relationship between masculine dynamics and feminine form.

The pot is surrounded by a chain. In Ifá the chain is used as symbol for the link between Heaven and Earth, a link that is sustain by the genetic chain of DNA.

There is a piece of red cloth around the pot which is filled with iron spikes. There is some scientific indication the rust on the iron deposits at the bottom of the ocean created bacteria which became the source of the first single cell life forms on Earth.

This would be the beginning of evolution and the basis for Ogun´s praise name Oguntobi meaning Ogun is the Father of all.

The seed of life in the womb of the ocean is now symbolized by the iron spikes in the iron cauldron of Ogun.

Ogun Pot

In the pot iron spikes or tools symbolize sperm in the womb. The female component of Ogun is diminished in the West.

Ogun Pot Consecration

What is used to consecrate an Ogun pot is irosun. This irosun is red powder from the cam wood tree.

In Yoruba the word is sometimes used to refer to menstrual blood from the elision ire osun meaning good fortune that comes from the guardian of the head which I would interpret to mean genetic inheritance from our ancestors.

If you are putting red cam wood powder on the Ogun pot you are symbolizing the primal procreative drive for survival.

Ogunda Meji

Gunnugun nii se yigbo yigbo

Akalamogbonii se yigbo yigbo

No one knows where it would be established the next time

Cast Ifa for Lakannigbo

The mother of Oloja merindinlogun

Don’t you all know?

All observers of rituals

All you observers of rights

Don’t you all know that we are all Running around because of wealth?

The Vulture (Iyami) is here Gee Ore

It was then that we placed good things on the ground

That the Vulture stepped in


Ogun Connection With Ogboni Cult

Another connection Ogun has with Ogboni is that the Ogboni act as a system of justice in traditional Yoruba society, and as we know, Ogun is a stickler for justice and a protector of victims of injustice.


Oni ma ma de omo omibu

Tani o gb’odo l’owo Oni?

Tani gba’le baba omo l’owo omo?


Crocodile (Oshun) is coming, a child of the chief of deep waters,

Who can take the river away from the Crocodile?

Who can take his father’s house away from a child?


Cast the shells for Ogunda who was concerned for the people who were being treated unfairly by the chief.

Ebo of 26,000, cloths to the poor, 3 chickens, 3 pigeons, and a pot of beans to Ogun.

Orisha says a blessing of fair treatment, fair trial, and the speaking of truth

so that no one will be accused of something that they did not do.

Ogunda says there will be a blessing of good fortune and abundance.

Ogunda says there will be a blessing of good fortune,

Children and a long life for those who embrace patience.

Ogunda says there is a taboo against anger, and a taboo against harsh judgments.

Ogunda says that the successful child will be praised by the mother.

Orisha says that patience brings a blessing of appreciation.

Ogunda says that the mother will have successful children.

Ebo should be made to the head (Ori) of the children.

Orisha says that the three children took the position of the elders and became chiefs.

Ogunda says that this person must maintain all of their taboos and honor the taboos of others.

Doing so will bring good fortune.


Ogun The Outcast

Ogun nurtures and protects the oppressed. Ogun is an outcast and protects society’s outcasts.

He makes sure that wealth is shared. He is looked to as a protector who will promptly respond to the appeals of the oppressed in there encounter with an unjust fate.

He is looked to for justice within society, and protection from outside enemies.

However, Ogun’s hot temper makes him a dreaded figure. While he protects the innocent, the poor, victims of military attack, he inflicts pain on others; the deceitful, the rich who don’t share, and one’s enemies in warfare. Ogun is a solitary figure who lives alone in the forest.

Ese Ogunda Meji

Okelegbongbo-as-ofun-kilo cast Ifa for Ogun.

He was told that if he made ebo, he would never die. The whole world would always request that he help them solve their problems.

But no one would help him solve his own problems. Four rams, four goats and four covered calabashes were the ebo.

Ogun performed the ebo at each of the four corners of the world.


Ogun Clothes

Ogun’s undergarments are red, signifying his furious nature, but on top of this he wears Mariwo, palm fronds.

Palm fronds have supernatural connotations, and “soften” Ogun’s image.

They symbolize cool, restrained behavior.

I pay homage to Ogun Lakaaye, a divinity worthy of worship

Ogun, who had two very sharp cutlasses, sharp as fire

He used one for clearing an area for making a farm in the forest

The other he used to cut a path through the forest from one place to another

The type of clothing that Ogun wore

On the day he made his descent from the hill to the plain,

I know very well

He wore a flame red coverlet over a blood red tunic

Mariwo yeyeye Ogun aso;

Alagbade o

Swirling palm fronds are Ogun’s garment;

The Honored One arrives