Ifa Wand

World Most Powerful IFA Mystical Wand – White Elephant Ivory Tusk [IROKE-IFA]

The World Most Powerful IFA Mystical Wand – White Elephant Ivory Tusk [IROKE-IFA] is one that truly reaches into the deepest and most powerful realms of IFA Divination and IFA Mysticism.


Until now, this IFA Wand has only been available to a few Elites and those born into Royal Families or within the IFA Community.

It is a Sacred Wand of the Highest Mystical Powers that brings Ultimate Powers, Third Eye Opening, Ase (Chakras) Activation, Astral Travels, Extreme Protections, Unparalleled Respects, Huge Success, Uncommon Prosperity, Good-luck…

This IFA Wand has secretly elevated Babalawos for Centuries. It is the only one of it’s kind and it’s created according to the Secret Laws of IFA.

It bares no Evil or Negative Influence and will not harm you or your Family but rather it will protect you and your family from all harm!

Many of the world’s Most Powerful, Wealthy and Most Renowned IFA Priests (Babalawos) has this IFA Wand to get to where they are today!

Ultimate Powers, Third Eye Opening, Ase (Chakras) Activation, Extreme Protections, Unparalleled Respects, Huge Success, Uncommon Prosperity, Good-luck can become yours!

IFA is the most important and most reliable system of divination in the world, it enables supplicants to understand the will of Olodumare “Almighty God” who empowered Orunmila “God of Divination” to speak for all the Orisas “Gods / Goddesses” through IFA Divination.

Elephants on the other hand are herbivores animals and they are the world most strongest and biggest land animal. The tusk of elephants grow through their life and it is very rare to have one.

Now, For a Limited Time: I am offering this World Most Powerful IFA Mystical Wand – White Elephant Ivory Tusk [IROKE-IFA] at an affordable price to IFA Priest (Babalawos) Only.

This is your chance to gain Ultimate Power, Third Eye Opening, Ase (Chakras) Activation, Astral Travels Access, Extreme Protections, Unparalleled Respects, Huge Success, Uncommon Prosperity, Goodluck….

The spirit of an elephant with that of IFA and all the Orisas were Combined together Mystically to produce this Outstanding breathe-taking IFA Mystical Wand following all IFA Ancient Traditions and Protocols.

This IFA Wand is more powerful than Afose, Mayehun, Olugbohun, Gbetugbetu, Amudo… etc all combined together. My late Awo brought a dead boy back to live with this Wand.

Benefits Of Having This IFA WAND Are:

  • Become Very Powerful and Very Spiritual!
  • See Future Events Before They Happen!
  • Communicate With The Gods, Goddesses, Ancestors, Water Spirits and Witches!
  • Say Goodbye to Witchcraft and Oniseguns Attacks forever!
  • Say Goodbye to Ogbanje and Mammy Water Attacks forever!
  • Say Goodbye to Misfortunes, Badluck, Bad News and Accidents forever!
  • Start Living Extra-Ordinary Life today!
  • Command Spirits to do your Biding!
  • Punish Stubborn And Wicked Spirits!
  • Interrogate Witches, Ogbanjes and Other Spirits!
  • Punish Wicked Witches and Ogbanjes!
  • Visit Astral Realms and Other Spiritual Realms!
  • Attend Astral Meetings and Other Spiritual Meetings!
  • Become a god in the Astral Realm!
  • Release People From Witchcraft Covens Prisons, Water Kingdom Prisons and Other Astral Cult Prisons!
  • Command Armed Men and Armed Women to Drop Their Weapons!
  • Command the Blind to See Immediately!
  • Command the Lame to Walk Immediately!
  • Command the Deaf to Hear Immediately!
  • Command the Barren Women to Become Fertile Immediately!
  • Heal all kind of Sickness Immediately!
  • Bring the Dead Back to life [Note: You Can Only Do This Once In Every 21 Years]

PLEASE NOTE: You can use this IFA Wand for evil which is the left path of IFA but we Babalawos are against evil. So on that note, I will consult IFA before selling it to anyone and if IFA says you are unqualified to have it, I will NOT sell it for you even if you have the money to purchase it.

Over 401 Ancient Forbidden Rituals and Powerful Castings have been performed upon this beautiful wand by the World’s Renowned Babalawos.

I have made over 21 travels to some of the most remote villages in Nigeria to have this IFA Wand Blessed by the Most Powerful IFA Priests (Babalawos).

It’s powers are undeniably intense and will bring Ultimate Fulfillment and Enlightenment to it’s possessor! This IFA Wand contains the Essence of IFA, All The Orisas and Elephant Spirits.

Are you ready to be Transformed beyond your widest imagination today?

The Key to Unlimited Powers lie within this Sacred IFA Wand! Don’t let another minute slip by! Now is the time! Buy It Now!

Here are just a few of the Extra-Ordinary Powers this Wand holds:

  • Unlimited Powers and Enhanced Spiritual Abilities
  • Ase (Chakras) Activatio
  • Astral and Spiritual Communication
  • Physical, Astral and Spiritual Protection
  • Backfire all Attacks to senders
  • Be Immune to Misfortunes, Bad-lucks and Bad News
  • Fulfilled Life
  • Commanding Power
  • Interrogating Power
  • Astral and Spiritual Travel
  • godlike Powers
  • Break Evil Barriers
  • Defense Against Enemies
  • Perform Miracles
  • Heal the Sick
  • Resurrection Power…


Manifestations include (but are not limited to): Noise, Environment Temperature Changes, Body Temperature Changes, Strange Dreams, Door Opening and Closing, Tiredness, Muscle Pull and so much more! Experience the power of this Sacred Wand for yourself!

WARNING: You MUST Be An IFA Priest (Babalawo) For This Sacred IFA Wand To Work For You Without Consequences – Other Male Orisa Priests, Female Orisa Priestesses, Orisa Male Initiates and Female Initiates Can NOT Use This Holy IFA Wand or Should Not Try To Use This Sacred IFA Wand Because The Consequences Can Be Very Severe. Please Take Note!

My Omo Awo tried to use my IFA Wand at my absence and he went into coma immediately. I was in the forest when I had a sign that something was wrong, I rushed to my shrine and found him and my IFA WAND lying on the shrine floor. I uttered some deadly incantations and touched him with my IFA Wand and he woke up immediately. He was very lucky he went into coma and not madness.

USAGE: It should be kept inside a medicine bag and should ONLY be use when it needed the most. It should be held on the right hand when you want to Astral Travel or Attend Astral Meetings or Spiritual Meetings!

There is only One Quantity of this particular Wand! Now may be your only chance to own this powerful piece! Each casting is performed specifically for you to ensure the Powers are Unique and Custom fit for your needs.

Note that you will be receiving an IFA Mystical Wand that will be inhabited by IFA, Orunmila, all the Orisas and Elephant Spirit specifically conjured for YOU! Buy Now while there is still time and change your life for good Today!

This is a truly Rare Wand containing Great Occult Powers!

Please read all!

The spirit of IFA, Orunmila, all other Orisas and Elephant are imbued within this Magnificent Wand — My items are extremely potent and not to be taken lightly!

All my items contain great energies, for they are cast using only the Most Rare and Ancient forms of African Tradition Mysticism.

WORLD WIDE DELIVERY: International worldwide Shipping through Registered Air Mail Nigeria post and Delivery to your location can be from 2-4 weeks of time.

WORLD WIDE SPEED DELIVERY: We can also send this item by express mode 3-7 days delivery but that will also require you to pay extra additional shipping charges to your location.

Let us know how you want us to proceed. As soon you receive this in your shipping address let us know so that we are able to send you instructions on how to use it with do and dont’s… Thanks

NOTE: Please be aware that sometime parcels are delayed by customs of your country and for such delays we are not responsible so you must contact and clear any customs delays, thanks

World Most Powerful Mystical Wand – White Elephant Ivory Tusk [IROKE-IFA] Description:

Height: 1 Ft
Breathe: 2 cm
Quantity: 1


Send $9,000 (Nine Thousand US Dollars) through Western Union or MoneyGram To:

Name: Ifaluyi Bode
City: Benin
State: Edo
Country: Nigeria

After Ordering Your Ifa Wand, Send Your Payment Details To me Using The Email Me Button Below


“Before I get this work done I felt restless and couldn’t sleep. A lady who has a good reputation as a tarot reader told me that many people were against me due to jealousy. She said there was witchcraft involved and directed towards me. Friends were turning against me. My job became a nightmare and my coworkers were causing havoc. I spent more than I could afford in spells and protection amulets. Nothing really worked actually. The best I had was temporary results but that’s not really what I was looking for. Then I bought a spell from Babalawo and my problem is completely solved now. It’s been a while since the spell is cast and I can say that the effects are lasting much longer than the jobs that were done before. I can’t thank Babalawo enough for this and I only wish I found him before.” James

“It’s been only 2 days since you cast my spell but I want to leave this testimonial for you! Last night we didn’t hear anything in the cellar so it must be working already!!! And I can’t believe you felt this Protection spell involves a white chicken sacrifice!!! This morning I buried the seeds in the small forest behind the house. You know what?!! One of my neighbors has a lot of white chicken!!! It’s her dad who sold the house to my parents and I always knew she wanted to have it back from us… Now I understand everything!!! WOW I can’t believe it! I’m sure it’s going to work now! Thank you so much!” Racheal

“My life has always been messy but it was getting worst recently after I went into a relationship with a Nigerian man. His family never liked me and I believe his mother did some evil spells against me. I went to many psychics who confirmed I was cursed. It gave me a lot of hope when I finally found the website of Babalawo. He has been very communicative after I bought my spell and it took me only a few days to feel a lot better! Now I can sleep and eat again and I feel more relaxed than before. Thank you very much Babalawo, you are amazing.” Carol

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed: I want you to feel 100% satisfied with my product so I offer a 90 days free guarantee! If you are not satisfied with this product or if you do not receive this product within 90 days, I will refund your money with no questions asked.