How Church Growth And Business Boom Charm Works

I have been away for a while now preparing powerful charms, performing sacrifices (ebos) and Orisa initiations.

Today I will be teaching you “How Church Growth And Business Charm Works”

There have been several new mega churches springing out everywhere in our cities with thousands of church members in their congregation and most of these new mega churches are not up to one year old but their church growth is phenomenal.

Where as there are some old churches in our cities that are more than 15 years with only few church members in their congregation. These old churches have done several evangelism but their church growth is stagnant.

There are several successful business men, boys, girls and women in our society that started their new business and within few months they started making millions, do you think it is ordinary?

Where as some people imitate them and start the same business and folded up because of no sales and no customers.

If you are reading this, I want you to know that the supernatural controls the natural.

But some of you after reading my article will not agree with me and access yourselves charms to ease up the difficulties of life but rather suffer all these of your life.


1. Scam: Persons who have been scammed thinks charms do not work.

2. Fear: Most people are scared of the negative consequences and repercussions of using charms.

3. Doubt: It is in human nature to doubt what they haven’t use before. So it is natural for humans to doubt the potency of charms.

4. Faith: Most people faith forbids them from using charm.


Church growth and business boom charm is similar to job charm. In job charm, the charm is used to secure a good job while in Church growth and business boom charm, the charm is used to advance your church and business.


There are several benefits of church growth and business boom charm. These benefits are:


1. Rapid increase in customers / church members within the shortest period of time

2. Fast increase in sales / offerings

3. Stealing of competitors customers / church members

4. Become rich and wealthy within the shortest period of time

5. Work less and earn more money


You must be wondering how church growth and business boom charm works. Without taking much of your time, let me explain how church growth and business boom charm work.

There are secret laws of nature that if evoked and applied in business premises, shops, offices, schools, shrines, temples, churches…. it will attract huge customers.

These secret laws of nature is only known to renowned occult masters and the good news is that I am an occult master whom is highly skilled in occult sciences.

There are several methods of achieving large amount of customer or church members within the shortest period of time.


One powerful consecrated church growth and business boom charm is buried at the entrance of the church building or shop or school or shrine or temple… with incantations and prayers. After which it is covered with sand or cemented. Customers or church members will start rushing inside your church or shop or office. Your business will be flooded with customers.

All the pastors I did this charm for are now extremely rich and they now own mega churches within and outside of Nigeria.

18 thoughts on “How Church Growth And Business Boom Charm Works

  1. Dear sir,
    I really need instant money to pay off my debts . How can u help me and i am seeking to join and good brotherhood

    1. Aboru Aboye, you must be 21 years and above, you must be of good behavior, you must be a law abiding citizen of your country, you must have respect for authority in other for you to join a good brotherhood where you will be given mighty powers, wealth and riches beyond your widest imagination. You will be beyond destruction. No man or woman can harm you, no curse or black magick will have any effect on you. If you are interested? Use the contact us page on this website to contact us for your next step of your brotherhood journey

  2. Hello, I just came across your page! I am a real Estate agent but don’t have office because things are not going on well also am a network marketer but all is not bringing in good result, I have ran into big debt and what can I do to be in cool money also to get good office and customer! Need money this month.
    I need a way out

    1. I will advise you consult IFA ORACLE so that IFA Oracle can reveal your past, present, future, problems and solutions to all your problems. IFA ORACLE is infallible and 100% accurate.

  3. Please, can a woman join this brotherhood? If yes, please I am interested.
    I want the wealth and power too.
    Just tell me how to go about it and I will.

    1. The answer to your question is Yes and No. Women can join fraternities that accepts women initiations and women can not join fraternities that reject women initiations. There are several powerful fraternities world wide which accept women initiations but most dont accept women. Each fraternities have their own modes of operation. So I will advise you research properly before joining any fraternity because not all fraternities gives wealth and power.

  4. I am a young who have try all my best in my handwork yet no way I involved into business yet no way, even to the extent now I didn’t even money to set up my own business again, please I want to join your fraternity so that I can be come rich and by protected by the god of your fraternity are do I reach you people one on one, please with due respect I want you to email with my emails address thanks

  5. Please I need to meet a real Ifa Priest for consultation. Please I need you to recommend one for me.

  6. am more than impress at your level of knowledge to everything…..may your ancestors continue to abide and guide your footsteps.
    I sincerely seek money,how do I meet with you,or what do I need to do

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