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My good luck spells not only work faster than other magick spells, their effects are also the most powerful and they make it possible for you to enhance your luck.

If you have been experiencing too much bad luck in your life and are tired of failing, the Orishas will make sure that the events are going to turn in your favor.

Since luck evolves as a cycle and the balance of harmony needs to be respected this spell is not going to make you permanently lucky, which may cause unwanted effects but it will extend and strengthen your periods of chance and limit the duration and effects of bad luck times. No matter what, you will be more lucky than ever thanks to this good luck spell.


Powerful Good Luck Spell

This powerful spell increases good luck and good fortune. Soon you will experience very positive changes. Luck can help from love to career, finances and beyond. You will run into great opportunities as if by magick.

Additionally the Orishas will be controlling the cycles of chance so that luck becomes a commonplace and they will be reducing the effects of bad luck.

This spell truly works and who else better than a renowned Babalawo with more than 30 years of experience and expertise to cast it for you?

This powerful good luck spell to increase your chance will take effect on different levels and bring you results from 2 days to a maximum of 30 days:

  • Cleanse and heal your karma from bad luck and negative energies
  • Strengthen and extend the periods of luck to let you enjoy great opportunities and very good surprises
  • Create and strengthen a spiritual shield that will help you to stay away from bad luck in the future
  • Make it impossible for you to be unlucky


After You Order This Good Luck Spell: When you order your spell, I receive an instant confirmation and plan a moment to do your work.

Before I cast your good luck spell, I need to collect a few details from you like your name, date of birth, possibly a picture, etc and so I will contact you by email to get the information I need.

Normally a spell is cast within 72 hours after purchase but be aware that it also depends on my planning and how much work I have. I cast a maximum of 2 spells per day and custom spells often keep me busy several days in a row.

Once I have the information I need, I cast your spell. The price you pay includes my fee for the different rituals and ceremonies as well as the rare ingredients I use for the spell work. You will also receive my guidance until the effects manifest and the spell fully worked.

Fast Results And Powerful Effects: I have helped many celebrities and clients to find chance and good fortune thanks to this powerful good luck spell. Therefore I can cope with your highest expectations to get fast and powerful results from your luck spell.


Send $93 (Ninety Three US Dollars) through Western Union or MoneyGram To:

Name: Ifaluyi Bode
City: Benin
State: Edo
Country: Nigeria

After Ordering Your Spell, Send Your Payment Details To Me Using The Email Me Button Below



“I’m giving you this update of my spell because I think it started to work! This Monday I got a phone call from a company for a job interview that was taking place this morning. You won’t believe it they told me that I got lucky because they were archiving some old files when they found my profile by chance!!! Please tell me what you think because I really believe it’s a sign that your spell is working!!! Thank you again for your help!” Sonia

“I bought the good luck spell along with other of your spells and I cant be happier with the outcome I got from your work. I keep using the same betting system than always but I find myself a lot luckier lately. On the three sites where I play I tripled my earning! I cant be thankful enough!” Frank

“No doubts about this, Babalawo good luck spell is amazing. Before I decided to order a spell to Babalawo, I could not remember the last time I had been lucky. I had tried everything but nothing worked. When I placed my ordered for the good luck spell, Babalawo came back to me very quickly and advised me to buy another spell to remove a curse that was maybe affecting me which was probably true because a friend of my mother who is a medium have told me exactly the same thing. Babalawo even offered me the custom spell cast on my second spell which was very nice from him. Now, I can really say that everything is changing, and in the past month, I have had more good news than in the last year. My best wishes go to Babalawo, the only spell caster I have tried who kept his word and held his promise.” Alex

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed: I want you to feel 100% satisfied with my services so I offer a 90 days free recast guarantee! If you are not satisfied and don’t have full results after 90 days, you can ask me to recast the spell, with no questions asked. In order to make sure I will provide you with more chances the second time I cast your spell, I will try a different approach and then increase the chances of success for the recast of your love spell.

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