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Do You Want Free Spells For Love?

Africa is largely a polygamous society and a common measure of a man’s social success is the number of wives he has; consequently as a man becomes richer he usually marries more woman to reflect his improved financial status.

As you can imagine, the presence of two or more woman competing for the love, attention and money of one man inevitably brings about a lot of envy, jealously and bitterness among the competing woman.

Consequently, witchcraft and other forms of magic are extensively used to effectively capture the love and attention of the men involved and to oust rivals from the marital home.

Thus, one commonly finds a man with three wives but who pays virtually no attention at all to two of them whilst being completely besotted with the last one who usually is not even the prettiest of the three nor the best cook!

What commonly happens is the husband is magically compelled to either divorce the other woman or to mistreat them so much that they leave the matrimonial home or the marriage on their own volition.

The men have been able to, with the aid of the magical preparations described below, win the hearts of the ladies they desire and to control them completely.

Is there someone out there that you love and desire with your whole being but are unable to have them either because you are too shy, too ugly and/or too poor? Well, you can have them.

Yes, you can compel them to notice you, to love you, and to have love and sexual interest in you alone. And you command the person from the privacy and comfort of your own room or house!

These magical preparations can be used both by men and by woman. Believe it or not, the majority of the unending daily competition among men and/or woman for the love and affections of members of the opposite sex is won in the privacy of rooms: with magick, that is!

Have you ever wondered how that unattractive woman ever won the heart of, and married, that dashing, rich man you had always fancied?

How come he passed over all those beauties (probably including you) and settled for that plain lass?

Or haven’t you often wondered how on earth that man ever won the heart of that woman who is so obviously his social, financial and mental superior?

Well, the fact is a few people in this world do know what they want, and after identifying what or who they want they go out and get them – magically!

You are about to join these go-getters. The influence of good looks, money ,fine manners, good clothes, and so on, pale into insignificance compared with the powers of magic in winning or retaining love.

The love magic detailed out below will enable you to:

1. Compel any man or woman to love you.
2. Compel an existing lover or partner to love you, stick to you and never to leave you.
3. Compel a lover or partner who has left you to come back to you.
4. Break up the love affair between a person who stole your lover or spouse from you and the ex-lover/spouse.
* Please Do Not Hurt Any Relationship Unjustly.
5. Kill the sexual interest your lover or spouse may have for any other person but you.
6. Control your lover or partner so that he/she obeys your commands – to put him or her right under your

Haven’t you often wondered why an otherwise aggressive, intelligent and sensible man could be so controlled by his wife, so much so that he becomes meek and mellow in her presence?

Well, dont you know any man or woman who thus inexplicably succumbs to a partner’s bullying? Magick WORKS for those who know how to use it.

Finally, have you ever wondered, after a long, Intense, love-affair or marriage has ended, how on earth you could have loved, and continued to love, that man or woman all that time? How could that have happened to YOU: practical, sensible, you?

What could you have seen in him/her in the first place anyway, you wonder. You can safely bet your last pound in nine out of ten cases that he or she had you bottled up.

Somewhere all the time you two were together – until he/she decided that they had had enough of you and that you had to go.

You will soon be shown how you too can bottle up. any man or woman and thus compel them to obey your love and other commands without fail, and for as long as you wish!

Many of the powerful magical formulae described under the section of love involves compelling somebody else to love you, to stick to you, to return to you, and so on. The question that would inevitably be asked is: is it right. to compel somebody else to love you?

The counter question is what is .right; and who determines what is right? I contend that if you can use these methods to attain your love and money desires then surely it is right to do so!

As long as you do not use them on another man’s wife or another woman’s husband.

Do You Want Free Spells For Money?

MONEY! Either you have it or you don’t. If you have it, then either you were born into it or you acquired it.

The fact your are reading this write-up suggests that you seek to have more money than you possess at present. Well you CAN.

Wealthy people are necessarily more intelligent than poor people, right? Wrong! Rich people necessarily work harder than poor people: true or false? False!

Undoubtedly, you have at one time or the other wondered at all those rich men and women zooming around in their shiny Rolls-Royce, Jaguars, Cadillac’s, Mercedes Benz’s, wearing the best suits and expensive dresses and living in luxury mansions?

Well, haven’t you? You have wondered, and wondered yet again! How could they be so rich when you, good old you, can hardly make ends meet?

Come to think of it, that rich person you know is not any more intelligent than you are; but, and it is a big but enter into any business competition with him and he is sure to drive you out of business in no time although your products or ideas are much better! Vie with him or her for that business contract?

You are certain to lose it!! So what makes these people tick? What makes them chalk up one remarkable success after another, so that they are flooded with money and all the good, good things that money can buy whilst you have to struggle daily fro a meager living?

Is it sheer coincidence that they become successful at anything they try their hands at, or it it something else? It is something else, and that something else is MAGICK!

You don’t believe that that wealthy man or woman you know so well, that well groomed and sophisticated person, practices magic?

Now, if you don’t then you certainly must be quite naive! You certainly don’t expect them to have cars stickers that read, Magick works! Do you?

Good magicians that they are, they keep all their magical works top secret, and unfailingly move from one financial success to another, while you sit by moaning your ill-luck! MAGICK WORKS, as you will find out when you use the rituals in this website.

You are probably poor because through disbelief you have failed to take advantage of the fantastic forces operating in this world, and right under your nose! Those who utilize these magical forces attain their desires easily and without delay.

If I gave you a handful of precious gems what would you do? I bet you would dump them into the garbage can, thinking they are nothing but shiny pieces of broke glass! So you see why you are so poor?


Free Protection Spell

1* Protection against physical attack
2* Protection from magick and evil thoughts of your enemies.
3* To cause confusion amongst your enemies.

*A note of caution is required for the student. Do not use these spells in order to attack someone who has done you no harm. This spell is capable of laying siege to a house or stronghold and completely demolishes it, without causing any harm to you. It will cause confusion among your enemies who will constantly fight each other rather than you.

4* To cause the demolition of stronghold.
5* Protection in business (also for good luck)
6* And lots more.

I am giving you these free spells with the understanding that they will be used for good works towards mankind.

These spells must not be used for evil purposes as evil will undoubtedly backfire on the user if the necessary precautions have not been taken.

To ensure that you never suffer under a psychic attack, you must protect yourself and your aura. There are many methods of self defense in this field, from a full blown ceremonial ritual to evocation but the one I give requires only a few minutes.

As well as protecting yourself, you may also wish to surround your personal belongings with psychic energy. This will ensure that they are free from negativity and can protect them from vandals and thieves.

Some of the things that you may want to protect are your bed – this will help rebound a psychic attack sent at night, jewelry and other small personal possessions that have sentimental value, your home and your car.

These spells will protect your home for as long as you live there but it may be wise to perform some of these rituals every six months to ensure its effectiveness and strengthen the psychic wall that encompasses it.

These rituals will protect your home from thieves and people with a violent nature. These rituals can be extended to encompass a garden if you have one, and this is not a bad idea, as it really is a part of your home.

If you decide to protect all your possessions as well as yourself it will be very hard for anyone to send a successful psychic attack to you.

After a magician sent a psychic attack he/she would be very sorry. For all the rituals would cause a rebound, and when an attack rebounds it increases in strength threefold!

Do You Want Free Spiritual Powers?

I am going to teach you what I know works. I have taught the secrets of how to cast Spells and work Rituals to scores of people in person, by mail, over the phone and even over the Internet with equal success.

I have taken those very same Spells and Rituals that have proved so successful for others, and included them in this on my website. You can use them yourself to make life easier.

On my website, you’re going to see how to “awaken” the magic power of witchcraft. In simple, plain language you’ll discover what witchcraft really is, how you can master it and how you can use it in lots of different ways for such things as attracting a steady flow of cash, winning perfect love, invoking the secret forces of nature, and much more.

Nothing is held back, nothing is concealed – it’s all placed right in your hands, ready to be used for such things as arousing passion in another, making money appear as if from out of thin air, attracting the opposite sex and much, much more.

In reading these words you will learn many ancient secrets of the occult. No matter whether you believe me or not, the magic behind these words will awaken racial memories of a time long ago when this secret knowledge was free to every man and woman who sought it.

You have a power within you that can be woken. It is the same power that you can use to work any magic you want.

Many witches work alone and with just as good results using the magic power of witchcraft as if they were working with a group.

Using this magical power is simplicity itself. You will learn a simple Ritual that will summon the magical energy within you.

When this Ritual has been completed, you will have made a very definite contact with the magic power of witchcraft.

Dark forests, secluded caves, abandoned ruins, or upon the seashore beneath a full moon are considered as ideal places to work magic.

You do not have to do anything so elaborate. Some space and a few minutes of your time each day or night is all that is required for you to work magic.

You can begin to receive a seemingly endless flow of cash into your life and start money flowing to you faster than you can spend it.

You are going to discover the secret of practical witchcraft and see how you can use spells and rituals to obtain money and material possessions. These Spells have proven extremely successful in bringing money to meet financial needs.

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