Ayelala Deity

Ayelala is known to be an effective deity that punishes crime of various types.

Ayelala is a powerful and widely respected deity because of her capacity and witches caught up in the clutches of Ayelala are known to confess their sins in the open.

It could be invoked to unravel the cause of diabolical cause of mysteries.

Ayelala Deified Ancestor

Ayelala is a good example of a deified ancestor. The deified ancestors were human beings who had lived extra-ordinary and mysterious lives on earth, so much that when they died they were deified as god.

Ayelala History

Ayelala was formally a slave woman who was used for sacrifice over the case of adultery.

By the time she was about to be killed, she exclaimed Ayelala (the world is terrible).

Ayelala Place Of Origin

Ayelala whose place of origin can be traced to the people of Ilaje in Ondo State, Nigeria.

This slave woman was made to bear the consequences of the sin of another who had run to take asylum among the Ijaws; an act which caused serious disaffection between the Ijaws and the Ilajes.

Before sacrificing her, a covenant of reconciliation and ritual kinship was made between the Ilajes and Ijaws on the following terms, among others.

Ayelala was to kill any member of the parties to the covenant who plans evil against one another.

Ayelala was to punish with death, any member of the two groups who practices stealing, sorcery and witchcraft against each other.

Crimes Punished By Ayelala

There are two types of crimes: namely social and spiritual crimes. Social crimes cover those which upset the societal harmony.

Notable among such crimes are adultery, fighting, lying, stealing, ego centrism and similar ones.

Spiritual crimes are viewed with more seriousness. They include: incest, murder, suicide, killing sacred animals, occult killing, witchcraft killing, unmasking and masquerades.

A victim of robbery would go to a shrine and ask the goddess to sanction the culprit in a particular fashion and would promise rewards to the goddess.

The culprit, possessed by Ayelala would make his way to the shrine and confess. Most often, series of strange deaths may occur in the culprit’s family.

In 2005, when the Oba market in Benin City went up in flames, the hoodlums in the area had a field day; looting traders belongings in the market and breaking into many shops not affected by the fire were emptied by looters.

However, when a service of Ayelala was employed and the announcement was made that the looters should return the goods they have stolen or face the wrath of Ayelala, the goods earlier carted away resurfaced in the market in the following day.

Those that refused to return the goods were killed by Ayelala. Most Benin City dwellers are contented that the looters “got their rewards”.

Ayelala may also be placed in an agricultural farm land, Ayelala is often placed in a farm land or plantation to forestall loss of farm products to thieves.

Ayelala infests thieves and trespassers in its domain with mumps – a disease that causes terrible swelling of all body parts.

The offender would not get any relief until he confesses and brings back all items stolen from the farm.

Ayelala can be invoked to sanction an oath made between two parties. Oath taking in the traditional sense is a condition where total loyalty or adherences to certain agreement and conditionality is prescribed and administered in the beneficiaries of the agreement and the exercise is usually fetish.

Anyone who has taken such oath will not escape the punishment or sanction of a particular supernatural force or deity if the oath is broken. Oath taking is usually done at the Ayelala’s shrine.

Ayelala Deity Invocation

The process involved in the invocation of Ayelala deity required some material things and processes.

To invoke Ayelala deity, there must be a cock or duck, white cloth, seven needles, seven parrot feathers, seven alligator peppers and seven native chalks.

All these ingredients will be concealed in the stomach of the cock or duck and wrapped with the white cloth.

The cock will be eventually soaked in the Ayelala water and a curse will be pronounced on the evil doer.

When the evil doer is caught by the deity he or she will swell as the cock or duck swells in the water. Ayelala is highly praised and highly revered.

Ayelala Deity Praises

  • Praise, praise, praise,
  • Mother, mother, mother,
  • The Very mother, the very mother, the very mother.
  • Hail! Chief of the mothers: the mighty and awesome Queen.
  • She, who baths in gin like the foreign men,.
  • She who takes vengeance when the evil – doer has been forgotten,
  • She, who can never be guilty when she takes action,
  • May it be so.

Powers Of Ayelala Deity

Ayelala prowess and power is a credit to women folk. However, it should be noted that influence of Ayelala has been seriously limited among the Yoruba people as a result of introducing “civilization”.

At various times and in various circumstances, Africa has interacted with the rest of the world.

These are in the moments of Trans – Atlantic slave trade, Colonialism, post – colonialism and the present age of current globalization and these have affected, worrisomely, the economies, politics and cultures of the African people.

Civilization is just another concept of domination; imposition of incoming new culture over traditional cultural values.

Ayelala values in areas of social justice and social order have been seriously affected by the Western culture and foreign religions.

The cults of Ayelala have been infected with corrupt priests. Ayelala has been alleged of aiding the social problem of human trafficking by supporting the activities of human traffickers in Nigeria.

Human traffickers had been alleged of using Ayelala to intimidate their victims to succumb them to the control of their traffickers.