7 Benefits Of Esu Spiritual Bath

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Today I will be teaching you Esu Spiritual Bath and the Benefits of Esu Spiritual Bath.


Who is Esu?

Esu is the Divine Messenger, He conveys the messages of Orisas “Gods / Goddesses / Divinities” to humans and vice-versa. He exists in the spiritual worlds, astral worlds and physical worlds simultaneously. He is the Orisa “God” that knows all.

He is the Orisa “God” in charge of Ase “Power”, Darkness, Cross Roads, Tricks, Manipulation, Deceits, Mockery and Temptation. He goes by many names; “Esu, Elegba, Eleggua… etc are His most common names.

Black is His favorite color and goat is His favorite food. Esu is NOT Devil or Satan.

What Is Esu Spiritual Bath?

Esu Spiritual Bath is an act of washing your body and spirit from negative energies, evil curses, bad luck, bad karma and spiritual sickness. Esu Spiritual Bath merges your energy with Esu energy.

What Are The Benefits Of Esu Spiritual Bath?

Here are 7 benefits of Esu Spiritual Bath:

(1) It wash away bad karma
(2) It removes evil curses from you
(3) It removes bad luck from you
(4) It cleans you from negativity
(5) It connects you to Esu for divine help
(6) It open blocked roads for you
(7) It heals you

If you are suffering from bad karma, bad luck, evil curses and spiritual sickness, then I will recommend you take Esu Spiritual Bath

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