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27 Signs You Are Cursed (Hex / Jinx)

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About 3 years ago, a young man’s leg started to swell after he returned back from the village to the city. At first he thought it was some allergic reaction to his cream or soap or food. So he stopped using soap to bath, he stopped rubbing cream and stopped eating several fatty food but his legs did not decrease but rather started to swell uncontrollably. He met with several medical doctors whom where shocked by his unexplained swollen legs because all the scientific medical report proofs nothing was wrong with him.

Until he was taken to a renowned Babalawo in Benin City who consulted IFA, it was then IFA Oracle spoke through Obara-Sa that the young man had matched poison and his legs are cursed. IFA prescribed ebos and charms to solve his swollen legs problem and his legs stopped to swell and became normal after these powerful ebos (sacrifices) and strong charms where prepared for him.


A curse is any expressed wish that some form of misfortune will befall another person, people, a place, an object. A curse is a pronouncement made effective by a supernatural powers such as Gods, spirits, ancestors and occult natural force. Curse is also called a hex or a jinx.


Cursed objects are everyday objects like clothes, shoes, bags, cars, phones, jewelries… etc that were cursed before given out as a gift to the victim on special days like birthdays, marriage day, burial day, anniversary… etc.


Ancient Greek curse written on a lead sheet, 4th century BC, Kerameikos Archaeological Museum, Athens.


In Hindu culture the Sage has the power to bless and curse. Examples include the curse placed by Rishi Bhrigu on king Nahusha and the one placed by Rishi Devala. Special names for specific types of curses can be found in various cultures.


In Odu IFA, there were several curses recorded in the Holy Odu Ifa and one of such prominent curses was that of Osanyin who was cursed by Esu and he lost one of his leg according to this curse. In modern times, ase charm is used to place curse on people. Cursed powder are laid in the paths of victims and activated when walked over. Ancient padlocks are another powerful tools used to padlock peoples destiny and progress in life.


The Bible God cursing the serpent, the earth and Cain (Genesis 3:14, 3:17, 4:11). Noah curses Canaan (Genesis 9:25) and Joshua curses the man who should build the city of Jericho (Joshua 6:26-27).

In various books of the Old Testament there are long lists of curses against transgressors of the Law (Leviticus 26:14-25, Deuteronomy 27:15, etc.). So, too in the New Testament, Yeshua (Jesus) curses the barren fig-tree (Mark 11:14), pronounces his denunciation of woe against the incredulous cities (Matthew 11:21), against the rich, the worldling, the scribes and the Pharisees and foretells the awful malediction that is to come upon the damned (Matthew 25:41). The word curse is also applied to the victim of expiation for sin (Galatians 3:13), to sins temporal and eternal (Genesis 2:17; Matthew 25:41).”


[1] Sudden, Unusual And Constant Bad Luck.

[2] Physical, Psychological And Emotional Fatigue Which Is Not Alleviated With Sleep, Eating, Exercise Or Even Medication.

[3] Sudden Financial Difficulties.

[4] Vivid And Constant Terrifying Nightmares.

[5] Repeated Sleep Paralysis.

[6] Constantly Dwelling On Suicidal Thoughts And Feelings.

[7] Family And Friends Distancing Themselves From You For No Reason.

[8] Constant Anxiety For No Reason.

[9] Unexplained House Pets Deaths.

[10] Unexplained Family Deaths.

[11] Seeing Shadow People More Often.

[12] Constant Headache

[13] Incurable Swollen Legs Or Swollen Stomach.

[14] Incurable Wound.

[15] Unexplained Financial Difficulties And Loss Of One’s Job Or Income.

[16] Difficulty Sleeping.

[17] Inability To Concentrate, Feelings Of Unnecessary Fear Or Panic, Feelings Of Hopelessness And Extreme Anger For No Reason.

[18] Experiencing A Negative Presence – It can be either the feeling that one’s home has suddenly become haunted even though one never had any supernatural problems before or the feeling that something is pressing down on one’s self or may even be “riding” one’s back. In most cases the experiences is described along the lines of being smothered in a cloud of negative energy. Another often reported phenomenon is of catching a glimpse of a moving shadow where one shouldn’t be and especially out of the corner of one’s eye.

[19] Evil Spirits Possession – Usually causing the person to act like an animal, crawl on their hands and knees and even bark like a dog

[20] Sudden Death Of Pets

[21] Constant Relationship Or Marriage Breakup

[22] Constant Accidents – Both for yourself and the people around you.

[23] Constant Health Complaints – Especially if one was of good health prior to the onset of these negative experiences.

[24] Finding Of Strange Native Pot, Excreta, Padlocks, Calabash, Powders, Bags, Bottles, Dolls, Charms Or Fetish Items In One’s Home Or Property – These are tricks a practitioner throws or places as part of cursing the enemy. Often such items are concealed or buried

[25] Someone Telling You That They Cursed You – Especially if you are experiencing these negative things listed here

[26] Death Of Loved Ones Or The Person Who Was Cursed

[27] Divination indicating one is cursed – Especially if one is experiencing these negative things listed here

Note: Even with all of these signs, there is one fail-safe means of finding out whether or not you have been cursed and hexed is through IFA Divination.

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