8 Signs You Are Under A Powerful Love Spell

Most people have been hearing about love spells or have watched love spells in movies but they don’t know if they themselves or their loved ones are under love spell because they lack occult knowledge.

Luckily for you today, I will be walking you through the basics of love spells. You see in reality love spells might seem like something from a movie but they can be very real and sometimes people are not even aware of the power that they are putting out into the universe.

It can be that a person has not even consciously cast a love spell on you or your loved one but love spells are more common than you might think.

If you ever consider attempting to put a love spell on someone else, think twice. Because these types of spells are interfering with someone’s free will, have a way of not working out or backfiring.

It would be wise to keep in mind the law of three which basically indicates that whatever you put out into the universe will be returned to you three times.

8 Signs You Are Under A Powerful Love Spells:
  1. You find yourself being drawn to a person who is not usually your type.
  2. You have difficulty eating or sleeping due to concerns about this person’s affections.
  3. Your every conscious moment and every thought somehow relates back to the person.
  4. You find yourself saying their name a lot and often for no reason.
  5. Every time the phone rings you think you know that it is that person, even when it’s not.
  6. You think that whenever you hear the noise of a car going by, you think that it is them.
  7. You constantly dream about the person — these are usually especially vivid dreams.
  8. You find yourself either suddenly emulating their behavior or trying to draw their attention to you.

As you can see there are a lot of signs that you could be under the influence of someone else’s love spell. However, the most basic thing to look for is if you find yourself suddenly feeling or thinking about a person that you usually wouldn’t. Or if you have known a person previously but very suddenly start to experience intense emotions for them.

These are both signs that someone may have you under their influence. The best thing to remember if you suspect that someone has cast a love spell on you is to remain calm.

It is probably not wise to confront the person, in case they haven’t done it consciously. Most would recommend attempting to re-route the unwanted power back into the earth as rebounding negative energy has the potential of harming the original caster.

While this might seem like a good idea, it would be best to keep in mind the law of three. If you are not experienced in occult, you should seek help on how best to fight it.


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