43 Signs You Are An Ogbanje

Aboru Aboye, Ogbanje is a controversial topic, there are lots of misinformation’s circulating about Ogbanje and I am here to correct every misinformation about Ogbanje.

Today I will be teaching you The 43 Signs You An Ogbanje. Before I dive deep into Ogbanje, I would like to clear every misinformations surrounding Ogbanje which are:

10 Truths About Ogbanje

  1. Ogbanje is not Aje “Witch”
  2. Ogbanje is not Abiku
  3. Ogbanje is not Olokun
  4. Ogbanje is not Oshun
  5. Ogbanje is not Oya
  6. Ogbanje is not Yemoja
  7. Ogbanje is not Mental illness
  8. Ogbanje is not for girls and women only. Men and Boys can be Ogbanjes
  9. Ogbanje is not for poor people only. Rich and poor people can be Ogbanjes
  10. Ogbanje is not for African Tradition Religious people only. All religious and non religious people can be Ogbanje…

What is Ogbanje?

An Ogbanje is a reincarnating spirit that would deliberately plague a family with misfortune if provoked. Ogbanje upon being born by the mother, under a certain amount of time usually before puberty would deliberately die and then come back and repeat the cycle, causing the family grief. The time period varies between minutes, hours, days and years.

Most families pamper their children that are Ogbanjes so that the Ogbanje child will not be provoked. Most Ogbanjes have powers in their eyes, mouth, hands and private parts.

Female adult Ogbanjes die during pregnancies along with the baby while male Ogbanje die before the birth of a wife’s baby or the baby dies.

The child is confirmed to no longer be an Ogbanje after the destruction of the Ogbanje pot or stone which is dug up at the river bank or sea bank or house or after they successfully give birth to another baby.

Ogbanje spirits is not evil spirits, they are water spirits that comes with some people to earth as reincarnated beings. People are to reincarnate into families that they were part of while alive.

People can usually reincarnate seven times, giving seven opportunities to enter the spirit world successfully as an ancestor.

Before a relative dies, the soon to be deceased relative sometimes give clues of who they will reincarnate as in the family. Once a child is born, he or she give signs of who they have reincarnated from.

This can be through behavior, physical traits and statements by the child. A Babalawo or diviner can help in detecting who the child has reincarnated from. It is considered an insult if a male is said to have reincarnated as a female – Ewo.

Now you know the truths about Ogbanje, let me explain the 43 Signs You Are An Ogbanje

43 Signs You Are An Ogbanje

  1. Is your mom or dad an Ogbanje?
  2. Did your mom or dad go to the river or sea to get you?
  3. Are you extremely kind and generous?
  4. Do you have a way of bringing out the best in others?
  5. Do you like to know people on a deeper level and you don’t like to waste your time trying to maintain hundreds of shallow friendships?
  6. Are you incredibly intuitive and do you follow your instincts?
  7. Do you dream frequently and most times the dreams comes through?
  8. Do people find it difficult to understand you?
  9. Do you always like win and you feel very bad when you loose?
  10. Do you foolishly fall deep in-love when you meet your perfect match?
  11. Are you very creative?
  12. Do you fear rejection and like acceptance?
  13. Do you try reading people?
  14. Are you unpredictable?
  15. Are you in touch with your spiritual side?
  16. Are you very emotional?
  17. Do you fall in-love and fall out of love easily?
  18. Do you find it difficult to make decision on your own?
  19. Do you sometimes just love to be on your own for a while uninterrupted?
  20. Do you so much appreciate honesty and sincerity?
  21. Do you have cold feet?
  22. Do you have high sex urge and you do foolish things for sex?
  23. Do you search for your property and later finds it?
  24. Do you burst into a frightful laugh for no reason?
  25. Do you have sudden urge to injure people or animal for no reason?
  26. Do you have frequent stomach pains?
  27. Are you scared of swimming in swimming pool or river or sea?
  28. Do you sense the presence of someone with you whenever you are walking on a lonely street / road or inside a room?
  29. Do you hear your name being called without you seeing who is calling you?
  30. Do you hear distant music or drum beating or strange sound or strange noise?
  31. Do you feel you have supernatural powers but you don’t know how to consciously make use of these powers?
  32. Do you curse people when they hurt you?
  33. Do you care very less of your life when you are angry?
  34. Do you talk while you are asleep or does your lips move while you are asleep?
  35. Do you take strange sleeping position?
  36. Do you dream of having s3x frequently?
  37. Do you dream of eating frequently?
  38. Do you dream of participating in strange meetings inside the river or sea?
  39. Do you dream of having scaly body?
  40. Do you dream of finding yourself in the midst of snakes or fishes or crocodiles or other river animals?
  41. Do you have weird dreams of masquerades?
  42. Do you dream of seeing your body shining and radiating?
  43. Do you dream of somebody teaching you things?

If your answer is Yes to some of the above questions, then you are an Ogbanje and it is time you embrace who you are by digging out your Ogbanje pot or stone at the bank of the river or sea or at home with the help of a Babalawo and have a fulfilled life.

14 thoughts on “43 Signs You Are An Ogbanje

  1. Yes I do answer to many of the questions asked. I would like to know more about this water spirit. Can you please help. I have no money to send you but if you help me I will also help you in my little way.
    My regards.

    1. Aboru Aboye, initiation to Olokun or Osun or Yemoja (Mammy Water) is not for the weak and it is not child’s play. It is a 3 days to 7 days elaborate Orisha night and day ceremonies where powerful water divinity priests and priestesses are invited to the occult ceremony to bless the new initiate with their ashe (occult powers). The initiate is taken to the river to offer several ebos (sacrifices) and bath with consecrated mystical black soaps and native sponges. On the last day of this esoteric ceremony, Ogbanje mystical pot is dug out at the bank of the river and taken to the shrine or destroyed immediately with some certain ancient rites according African Tradition Religion laws. This ceremony CAN NOT be done without money.

    2. Yes, the Majority of the 43 resonated very strangely with me. And I indeed would like to know more. Please and Thank you. Ase’o

      1. You are welcome. You should visit my shrine and meet with me face to face so that I can dig out your Ogbanje pot for you. My shrine address is publicly located in our contact us page on this website. Click Contact Us

  2. My mom went to shrine to get me,as I was told. I have dreams of water, spirit husband, have frequent headaches, swimming in water. I had done the rites I ought to but things are still not turning as I want.

    1. You must be patient when dealing with any of the Gods / Goddesses because at times the Gods / Goddesses test the faith of mortals to see if they are faithful or not. And make sure, you offer the right sacrifice (ebo) to them at the right place and at the right time because some of these little things if overlooked can hinder the potency of (sacrifice) ebo. Keep offering your monthly ebo (sacrifice) to the Gods / Goddesses and you will see extra-ordinary results in your life and a strong physical manifestations of that which your heart desires. The Gods never fail Ase!

  3. My answer is yes to some of the point…. But please I would like to know more bcoz I’m tired of people telling me I’m from the river but I don’t have any idea about it… Both pastors and native doctors have confirmed it that I have ogbanje spirit but I don’t understand anything..

    1. To know more Ogbanje, Water Goddess, Spiritual Husband / Wife, Water Kingdom… Undergo proper Water Divinities training and initiation to understand the occult workings of Ogbanje, Water Goddess, Spiritual Husband / Wife, Water Kingdom

  4. Pls does anything Good comes out of an oghanje? I really would want to know more about myself cause I’m at a very confused state of my life

    1. To know more Ogbanje, Water Goddess, Spiritual Husband / Wife, Water Kingdom… Undergo proper Water Divinities training and initiation to understand the occult workings of Ogbanje, Water Goddess, Spiritual Husband / Wife, Water Kingdom

    1. To know more Ogbanje, Water Goddess, Spiritual Husband / Wife, Water Kingdom… Undergo proper Water Divinities training and initiation to understand the occult workings of Ogbanje, Water Goddess, Spiritual Husband / Wife, Water Kingdom

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