36 Signs You Are A Witch

(1) Is your mom or dad a Witch?
(2) Did your mom or dad go to Shrine in search of a baby before you were born?
(3) Are you hot tempered?
(4) Do you like revenge?
(5) Do you know the personality of a person by mere looking at people?
(6) Do you have body signs before something good or bad happens?
(7) Do you dream and forget your dreams when you wake-up from sleep?
(8.) Do people find it difficult to understand you?
(9) Do you always like to get what you want by all cost?
(10) Do you have strong internal conflict?
(11) Do you have strong conviction that you have spiritual powers?
(12) Are you deeply interested in spirituality and mysticism?
(13) Are you emotionally unbalance?
(14) Do you lack true love?
(15) Do people always take advantage of you and exploit you?
(16) Do you sometimes feel very sad and isolate yourself for no reason?
(17) Do you hate people for no reason?
(18) Do you have jealousy and envy in you?
(19) Do you destroy properties whenever you are very angry?
(20) Do you have frequent stomach pains?
(21) Do you have frequent headaches?
(22) Do you hate bright light?
(23) Do you sense the presence of someone or people whenever you are alone?
(24) Do you hear your name being called without you seeing who is calling you?
(25) Do you hear music or songs or voices or whispers without seeing anyone making these sounds?
(26) Do you curse people when they hurt you?
(27) Do you care very less of your life when you are angry?
(28) Do you talk or murmur during sleep?
(29) Do you have strange sleeping position like hanging your leg on the wall?
(30) Do you dream of flying frequently?
(31) Do you dream of eating frequently?
(32) Do you have frequent dreams of participating in meetings?
(33) Do you have frequent dreams of trees?
(34) Do you have frequent dreams of animals like birds, snakes and cats?
(35) Do you have weird dreams of masquerades?
(36) Do you astral travel frequently?

If your answer is Yes to some of the above questions, then you are a Witch and it is time you embrace who you are by contacting a Babalawo to help you

3 thoughts on “36 Signs You Are A Witch

  1. Hello my name is Aldonia . And yes I know iam a witch I realize that at an early age .But never embraced my feelings because I didn’t understand them.But now I realize I have to in order to become whole seeking Guidance and Direction on my journey!

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