Powerful Charms

Charms are small ornaments worn on as a necklace or bracelet or kept inside the pocket or bag or inside the house or shrine or temple to provide all kind of spiritual help to it owner. Here are some of my powerful charms I offer to people like you that needs spiritual help. If you are interested in any of my charms, click the Email Me button below to contact me for sales.

  • Ase (Commanding Power And Authority): This charm has the ability to make whatever Statement you make to come to pass or happen or ability to force anything to compel to your will which include animated and inanimated object
  • Madarikan: This charm is use for protection against all bad and evil people. If you do this charm and someone curse you, the curse will go back to that person. Any evil thing done to you will go back to the person that is doing it. The negative part of madarikkan is that if they are planning good thing for you say in office, the management may give it to another person because of this charm
  • Igbadi: This charm is a long like rope made with leather. It is tied on the waist. It is used to flog someone to comatose or death. It’s so powerful that it is only the person that use it that has the anti dote or anyone that knows something about the charm that can reverse it effects.
  • Afose: It is quite advance form of Ase. It is usually prepared with black soap and put inside an Animal’s horn like Cow’s, Antelope’s horn… Whenever Afose is Spoken with happens immediately or later in the future depending on the potency of the charm or the nature of the issue the Afose is addressing. With Afose you could place a curse on someone or any Object be it animated or non.
  • Gbetugbetu: This is more of a hypnotizing charm. The person under the spell doesn’t really know what he is doing. It is used in compelling people to do the most impossible things. Things they would naturally not do or refuse to do. It is some what difficult to prepare but there are some secret formulas too, however they also vary in degree of potency. Its ingredients is the rope that a man hanged himself with. Our forefathers used it when they were attacked by a gang of thieves; they just commanded them to fight each other or hand over their weapons.
  • Olugbohun (The “Sound Picker”): It is a powerful spirit that picks whatever is said and makes it happen, if not immediately very soon. Even if you mistakenly curse your children out of frustration, the curse will take effect. Now this is not a genie that will drop things physically in front of you like food, wine and a flying carpet. However it will create a situation that will cause your request to happen. It is not kept in the house but far away in the bush and its consulted only once in a while.
  • Mayehun (Refuse Me Not): It is used when you want a person to grant your request after a command is made. It could be used in wooing a lady, request money from people, stingy friend or wealthy people.
  • Ifunra (Prophecy Charm): It reveals future event before it happens. Anyone can use Ifunra. Ifunra is mostly used by politicians to protect themselves from devastating occurence to come within minutes, days. Also can be used by Diviners, Seers, Prophets, Prophetess in seeing the future
  • Ijaya (To Frighten): A charm used in frightening an adversary or an antagonist in a place of work, school, business… or is there anyone you want to take advantage of that you want him or her to keep mute while you express your opinion and explore every good thing to your advantage. Ijaya will do it all. It causes overwhelming fear unreasonably to human and animals.
  • Agbeti: This charm makes you very heavy while fighting. It is impossible for your opponent to carry you during fight
  • Magun: Thunderbolt Charm
  • Ajatuka: Charm to cause two people to fight
  • Aworo: This charm is used to draw people to your business
  • Owo Ooogun (Money Charm): This charm is to invoke money and make people respect you and honour you
  • Apeta: To spiritually shoot an arrow at someone charm (send them sickness, loss… etc)
  • Iruju or isiju (Confusion Charm): This charm is used to confuse people so that they cannot decipher what is going on
  • Aasan (Negative Curse Charm): Charm to put negative curse on your enemies
  • Eru (Charm For Fear): If you place someone on “Eru” he or she will be afraid of you for life when around your vicinity
  • Aluwo (Charm To Make Someone Fall After You Hit Them)
  • Agbefuye (Lightening Charm)
  • Olonde (Charm That Makes People Lose Their senses After You Hit Them)
  • Gbekude (Death Ceasing Charm)
  • Afeeri (Disappearing Charm)
  • Kanako (Distance shortening charm)
  • Egbe (Charm To Fly Without Using Jet, Chopper Or Airplane)
  • Amudo (Sex Charm): This Charm Can Be Use To Have Sex With or Without The Consent Of Your Victim)
  • Tude (Loose Bondage Charm)
  • Ewon Sanpona (Small Pox Handcuff Charm)
  • Okigbe (Cutlass Proof Charm)
  • Ayeta (Bullet Proof Charm)
  • Isoye (Memory enhancing charm)


“Before I get this work done I felt restless and couldn’t sleep. A lady who has a good reputation as a tarot reader told me that many people were against me due to jealousy. She said there was witchcraft involved and directed towards me. Friends were turning against me. My job became a nightmare and my coworkers were causing havoc. I spent more than I could afford in spells and protection amulets. Nothing really worked actually. The best I had was temporary results but that’s not really what I was looking for. Then I bought a spell from Babalawo and my problem is completely solved now. It’s been a while since the spell is cast and I can say that the effects are lasting much longer than the jobs that were done before. I can’t thank Babalawo enough for this and I only wish I found him before.” James

“It’s been only 2 days since you cast my spell but I want to leave this testimonial for you! Last night we didn’t hear anything in the cellar so it must be working already!!! And I can’t believe you felt this Protection spell involves a white chicken sacrifice!!! This morning I buried the seeds in the small forest behind the house. You know what?!! One of my neighbors has a lot of white chicken!!! It’s her dad who sold the house to my parents and I always knew she wanted to have it back from us… Now I understand everything!!! WOW I can’t believe it! I’m sure it’s going to work now! Thank you so much!” Racheal

“My life has always been messy but it was getting worst recently after I went into a relationship with a Nigerian man. His family never liked me and I believe his mother did some evil spells against me. I went to many psychics who confirmed I was cursed. It gave me a lot of hope when I finally found the website of Babalawo. He has been very communicative after I bought my spell and it took me only a few days to feel a lot better! Now I can sleep and eat again and I feel more relaxed than before. Thank you very much Babalawo, you are amazing.” Carol


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